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Wondering, "What job should I do?" You're in the right place! Whether you're dreaming big, thinking about a career switch, or just curious, our free career quiz will set you on the right path. In just a few minutes, you'll discover what job suits you best, based on things like your learning style, interests, personality and more! Ready to find your dream job? 

Career Finder Quiz 

Take the Career Quiz by Wandr and discover which career paths suit your personality! It's a fun and easy way to get some career direction, and it takes less than 5 minutes. Take the career quiz now and see where your future could take you.

Let's discover what career is right for YOU.

What’s your study style? Are you looking to find a career? Or looking for a career change? What’s your next move? Our dream job quiz will set you on the right path.


Why You’ll Love This Career Quiz

Curious about what job suits you best? Our free career quiz is perfect for finding out! This isn’t your traditional quiz – we take into account many aspects of YOU and your personality to provide tailor-made answers.

We use solid data and science to match you with jobs that fit your unique personality, interests, skills, and work style. Plus, we rely on up-to-date, Australia-specific job and skills data, not outdated foreign info.


Your results go beyond job titles. They offer insights into your career personality and true interests, giving you a solid start to explore new career paths.

What is Wandr?

Wandr is Online Courses Australia’s online learning and career discovery platform. Wandr was designed to bridge the gap between traditional job dreams and the careers of the future, guiding you on your journey to finding the perfect career path.

We know today’s career landscape can be overwhelming – you have more options than ever! But that also means more confusion and pressure. With Wandr, you can discover careers you never knew existed and feel confident about your career choices.

Research shows that only 18% of young Aussies feel excited about their future careers, while a whopping 33% feel confused. But there’s good news! The rise of online learning has opened up endless possibilities, from creative arts to technical skills.

Wandr takes advantage of this trend to help you explore careers and make informed decisions about your future!

Discover Your Dream Job

After taking the quiz, you might think, “OK, so what should I study?” Well, we’ve got a range of incredible online courses to help set you on the right career path. Or, check out some popular career paths below:

Ready to Find The Right Job? 

Finding the right career advice can be challenging when you’re not even sure where to start. A career finder test can help you identify career paths that suit your unique personality.

Whether you’re fresh out of school, or looking to change careers, our free career quiz helps you identify your core interests and career personality, pointing you in the right direction.

Just remember: career changes are the new norm. It’s important to find a job that makes you happy! 

Stop Wondering. Start Wandering. 

What’s next? Take the career quiz right now – personalised for YOU. 


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