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Online Courses Australia Pty Ltd (OCA) make every effort to ensure that all the information and content on our website and in our courses and course materials are accurate and kept up to date.

OCA do not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or currency of the materials or information we provide.

OCA gives no warranty, makes no representation, nor gives any undertaking, whether express or implied, nor do we assume any liability, whether direct or indirect, nor responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, content, courses or course materials provided by us.

The courses, course materials, and information provided by OCA do not purport to constitute professional advice. OCA accepts no responsibility for and makes no representations, whether express or implied, as to the accuracy or reliability in any respect of any course material, course or information provided by us.

Except to the extent provided by legislation, we do not accept responsibility for the consequences of or any reliance which any person may place on any course material, course or information supplied by OCA.

OCA will not be liable to you or any other person for any loss or damage (including direct, consequential, economic loss or damage) however caused and whether by negligence or otherwise, which may result directly or indirectly from the use of course material, or information or a course provided by OCA.

Acknowledgment Release and Waiver


You acknowledge and agree that upon participating in any course offered by OCA, you first acknowledge and agree to the terms of the disclaimer set out above.

You further acknowledge that any course offered by OCA will not lead to any formal accreditation, certification or qualification and may not be recognised as prior learning with respect to any other accreditation, certification, or qualification.

You waive any right to make any claim against OCA or any of its directors, officeholders, employees or contractors in respect of any information, course or course materials that may be provided to you or upon which you may otherwise have relied.

You agree not to commence any proceedings or take any action to enforce or maintain any claim against OCA or any of its directors, officeholders, employees, and contractors. You agree to indemnify OCA and each of its directors, officeholders, employees, and contractors against any liability, loss or costs arising from any breach by you of this agreement.

Claim means any claim, action, proceeding or entitlement, whether past, present or future, whether known or unknown, which you or any other person has or might have under or arising out of or in any way connected to a contract or other arrangement with us.

Us/we/our means Online Courses AUS Pty Ltd ACN 155 885 242.

Users of this website are directed to the Privacy & Security Notice.

Debit Success

If you're on a debit success payment plan, you will pay the following fees in addition to the $25per week for your course access: 

$1.15 per week processing fees +

$14.95 late fee.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You will be eligible for a refund of fees paid ONLY if you, the student, decide to cancel within the 7-day money-back guarantee period. Please note there is an admin fee of $50 for a Debit Success account and $250 for a Zeefi account (to cover processing fees/set up fees we incur). 

You will need to pay these fees in total if you have incurred additional late/failed payment fees with our payment plan provider (Debit Success or Zeefi). Apply to cancel your course now. 

Online Courses Australia does not offer full refunds outside of the 7-day period under any circumstances due to our significant intellectual property and goodwill. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at:

You can:

  • Opt to transfer to a different course if your chosen course is unsuitable. 
  • Opt to transfer the course to a different person (friend, family or someone interested in taking over the course) 
  • Unlimited Access: so you can return to complete the course at any time *Dependent on the course  


No refund of fees or release from financial commitment will be granted for the non-completion of studies.


OCA has a fair and equitable process for dealing with student complaints and appeals.

OCA has a three-tiered approach to complaints:

  • Informal complaints
  • Formal complaints
  • Appeals

If you have a complaint about anything related to your course, you should first try to resolve the problem by speaking to one of our team members. However, if you feel that you cannot do this or if your complaint or concern is about something that is not directly related to your course, you may contact Student Support Services. If you cannot resolve your problem by the informal discussion, you can make a formal complaint using the appropriate form – contact Student Support for a copy of this form at

Course Expiry & Access

You can continue to access your course online, permitting:

  • the course remains active on our website
  • the course is not currently being reviewed or improved
  • you have logged in at least once in the previous 12 months; AND
  • you have paid your account in full

Unlimited Access

Permitting your course access is current (see above); your Unlimited Course Access subscription is unlimited. Any new topics we release will be automatically added to your account.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

OCA collects and uses personal information for the following purposes: 

  • Provide information about you to OCA's network of industry partners and contractors (consultants or contracted third parties, including mentors and employers) to assist you, to effectively manage your progress, and support your individual needs (all third parties will abide by this Privacy Policy & Notice and the Australian Privacy Principles)
  • Provide information, products and services to you and request information to manage and administer those products and services (including enrolment, assessment and issuing certificates
  • Respond to your queries relating to the OCA website, its products, advice and services
  • To better understand your needs and help us to improve our products and services.
  • Internal record keeping
  • Circulation of promotional emails about new products and services, special offers or other information which we think you may find interesting (you may opt-out at any time)
  • Contact you for market research or direct marketing purposes (you may opt-out at any time)
  • Customise the website according to your interests and needs; and
  • Customise documents according to your business needs

OCA may contact you via a variety of measures, including by telephone, email, SMS or mail. All communications from OCA will be via your contact details recorded on file. You may also engage with OCA via various social media platforms, which collect and store your personal information and data. It is your responsibility to keep your details up to date. You may update your contact details or preferred method of communication, unsubscribe, or opt-out from any marketing communications by contacting OCA at any time.

Disclosure of Personal Information                                                  

OCA may disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:

  • Providing third parties (including employers and mentors) with information about your progress
  • Providing information, products, and services to clients
  • To assist us with functions such as recruitment of students, work-integrated learning placements or providing overseas student health cover
  • To register and administer events, promotions, or competitions
  • To verify personal information details upon request from third parties, such as completion of courses, a request from a potential employer verifying a qualification and further enrolment into another institution
  • In the case of students under 18 years of age:
    • information regarding attendance, progress and general well-being may be provided to keep parent(s) and guardian(s) adequately informed
  • To credit reporting agencies and courts, tribunals, and regulatory authorities where students fail to pay for goods or services we provide.
  • To courts, tribunals, regulatory authorities, and law enforcement officers as required by law, in connection with any actual or prospective legal proceedings, or to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights.
  • To one or more Consultants for the purpose of providing information and services to you
  • To the relevant third party or parties, with our client's consent, if the matter involves third parties; and
  • To third parties, including agents, referral partners, contractors and sub-contractors to provide information, products and services to you. This may include parties located or store data outside of Australia. All third parties will abide by this Privacy Policy & Notice, the Australian VET Data Policy, and the Australian Privacy Principles.

Suppose there is a change of control of the OCA business, sale, or transfer of business assets. In that case, we reserve the right to transfer to the extent permissible by law, OCA user databases, together with any personal and non-personal information contained in those databases. This information may be disclosed to a potential purchaser. OCA would seek only to disclose information in good faith and where we have sought to maintain confidentiality.

OCA does not typically or routinely disclose personal information to overseas recipients unless the overseas recipient is a contracted third party acting on behalf of the organisation or an exception under the Australian Privacy Principles applies. OCA will only disclose personal information to overseas recipients where reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the overseas recipient does not breach Online Courses Australia Privacy Policy & Notice or the Australian Privacy Principles. 

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