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Fitness, Health & Nutrition

4 Short Courses

Fitness & Personal Training Career Sampler

$349 $149

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in fitness or personal training? At OCA, we understand it can be difficult to be a 100% sure as study is a big commitment. That's why we have created this Career Sampler course to give you a taste of your potential future career in this exciting industry.

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Operating a Small Fitness Business Certificate

$449 $249

Kick start your fitness and personal training business and get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in this exciting industry. This course has been designed by industry professionals at the top of their game, with the aim to assist you with the most important fundamentals of running a fitness business.

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How to Eat Healthy for a Healthy Life Certificate

$449 $249

Make smarter choices by learning how our bodies and health are affected by the foods we eat. This course offers you a chance to gain a deeper insight into the effects of nutrition on our health. With obesity on the rise and constant conflicting headlines about the food we should eat, everyone should do this course to gain a clearer perspective.

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The Science of Health & Fitness Certificate

$449 $249

You might be familiar with how to do an exercise and what foods are good for you, but do you understand the science behind it?  This knowledge is especially important if you intend to have a career in health and fitness. Learn how to apply science to your personal training and exercise routines.

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If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and skills in health, fitness and personal training, you’ll find plenty of reasons to enrol into one of our online courses. Maybe you’re looking to turn your interest into a career, or maybe you’re simply looking to get educated to live healthier.

Get paid for doing something you love. Our fitness health & nutrition courses offer you an opportunity to develop your skills so that you can excel in your career and lead a healthier lifestyle.

You don’t need to settle for ordinary when you can build an extraordinary career doing what you love. Choose a fitness course and get started right now. Our online short courses may help you get established in a range of exciting jobs in fitness, yoga, massage, health science, sports psychology or sports and therapeutic nutrition.

Would you like to operate your own small fitness business? Do want to know how to eat healthy?

Enrol today and hit the ground running. 

Career Outcomes

  • Nutritionist
  • Sports dietitian
  • Fitness trainer
  • Gym instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Specialist exercise trainer
  • Boot camp instructor
  • Exercise therapist
  • Fitness centre advisor


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