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  • On the 12th February 2021, Online Courses Australia was awarded the global CPD Accreditation. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development(CPD) and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge. READ MORE
  • Designing for online learners requires a whole new way of thinking. It requires us to dispense with traditional teaching methods and take a more creative approach to delivering content. It demands that we constantly innovate, finding new ways to engage with, inspire and motivate students... READ MORE
  • People & businesses all across Queensland have been affected by Covid-19. To provide a helping hand, at OCA we now offer 6 months unlimited access to all of our online for eligible Queenslanders who’ve been impacted by the pandemic. Read on to find out more! READ MORE
  • Why Choose Online Courses Australia

    Online Courses Australia is recognised as a leading and innovative lifelong learning partner...

    Online Courses Australia offers a wide variety of quality, flexible online courses. Whether you are looking to try a new career, take the next step in your existing career or invest in your passion, we have a course that can give you the confidence and skill- set you to succeed. 

    The Online Courses Australia Difference

    Every day, we hear from students just how much they love the flexibility and cost savings that our online courses provide. With busy lives and families, they don’t have the time for ‘standardised’ coursework that’s all theory and very little practice. They want to develop real skills (and the confidence they bring) so they can make smart career moves, now.

    Why learn with us?

    100% online and on-demand courses
    All learning is delivered online, in your time. You’ll get instant access and enjoy a one business day marking turnaround.

    Simple, user-friendly learning system you'll love
    Say goodbye to arduous academic textbooks and hello to ultra relevant step-by-step modules that prepare you for real world scenarios

    Every Hour of Learning = 1 CPD point.
    Online Courses Australia is accredited with CPD, meaning that every hour of learning you complete with us = 1 CPD point.

    One-on-one tutor support & live chat
    Help is here, whenever you need it. Enjoy specialist support from a tutor by email or phone (Mon-Fri)
    or contact us through live chat, 7 days a week.

    Industry-led learning that gives you the edge
    Courses are designed in close collaboration with top experts who know firsthand what knowledge and training the industry is looking for.

    All our professional development courses are flexible, affordable and responsive to your needs. 

    “We get it”

    Our team have many years of experience working in Education & Training in Australia. We have trained thousands of students and we like to pride ourselves on constantly improving our offerings to meet new demands and challenges in every industry.

    Course Variety

    We offer over 80 online courses developed right here in Australia spanning a multitude of industries, all developed in consultation with industry experts to give you the skills and knowledge to enhance your professional development or change careers. 

    Our short online courses cover a variety of topics, including Aged Care, Counselling & Community, Business, Marketing & Entrepreneurship, Education & Childcare, Events, Hospitality & Tourism, Fitness, Health & Nutrition, Freelance, Lifestyle & Leisure, HR, Management & Communication, Parenting & Relationships and Training & Assessment. All our courses are all delivered in a straightforward manner in the convenience of your own home.


    All our courses are endorsed by industry with a focus on quality content to ensure your professional development. Why not read some of our student testimonials and sign up with Online Courses AUS to discover your potential today?

    Lowest Short Course Fees in the Industry

    We believe quality online learning should be affordable.  That’s why we offer some of the lowest course fees in Australia.

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