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Welcome To The NEW Way To Share Your Skills, Knowledge And Accomplishments! OCA Credentials are verified digital badges allowing you to communicate your skills and accomplishments online easily.

Credentials matter! Professionals need ways to differentiate themselves from their competition and ultimately stand out in a crowd in order to move their careers forward. Online Courses Australia works with the world's best digital badging platform, Credly, to issue you with verifiable, shareable credentials.

What Is A Digital Badge? 

A digital badge is a verifiable online way to share the skills and knowledge you have gained in your online course. Digital Credentials are recipient-owned, vendor-independent and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.

They can be utilised in email signatures and on your digital resume (LinkedIn, personal websites, and social media platforms). They are a great way to increase opportunities in the workforce and beyond.

Sometimes called digital credentials, a digital badge is more than just a visual image or logo. Instead, it is a dynamic portable icon embedded with qualifying information, such as who issued the credential and where and how it was earned. A detailed description of the competencies met. It can also include expiration dates and continuing education units – if applicable and links to multimedia such as pictures, websites, videos, or documents. When the badge icon is clicked, the information is revealed, and the accomplishment can be authenticated and verified by the viewer, such as a potential employer. 

Digital badges are gaining significant traction because they are secure and verifiable, thus protecting the integrity of the credential. 

What Will A Credly Digital Badge From Online Courses Australia Do For You?

A quality credential clearly explains what you have accomplished, what you did to earn this and who says you made it. It is more than a piece of paper.

  • The digital version of a credential is easy to share online.
  • The digital version of a credential is secure.
  • This is a trusted method for real-time verification; it is not self-reported.
  • You'll see direct connections between skills and jobs.
  • The future is digital! 

Unlock your potential and enhance your professional opportunities with these features:

  • Share your digital badge via LinkedIn and other social platforms
  • Share your digital badge to a mobile wallet for on-the-job credential verification
  • Customise your Credentials
  • Accept, view and share your digital badge in your local language
  • Access labour market insights for your desired industry

Watch How Credly Works:

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