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HR, Management & Communication Courses

9 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Medical Reception and Terminology Course Bundle

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$1499 $2499

With our Medical Reception & Terminology, you’ll learn the advanced level administrative skills to manage and supervise others in any type of organisation. It’s really easy to get started and you are guaranteed an amazing learning experience...

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From only $25 per week

Advanced Staff Management Course Bundle

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$1299 $2499

Are you interested in pursuing a role in Human Resources? Or are you looking to add some HR skills to your current business or workplace?  Our Advanced Staff Management Course Bundle includes 4 Micro-Credentials that will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to get ahead in this field...

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From only $25 per week

Managing Staff

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$899 $1499

Possibly the hardest thing about running a business is managing your staff! If you can relate to this, you will really enjoy this online course.  It will give you new insights into how to get the very best out of your team and how in turn to increase productivity and output...

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From only $25 per week

Develop Your Interpersonal Skills

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$499 $749

Interpersonal skills relate to a person’s “EQ” (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). This is the cluster of personality traits, social graces, communication, language, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterise our relationships with other people…

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From only $25 per week

Performance Management

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$499 $749

It's a tough part of every managers job - getting the most out of the team. Specifically, how do you manage a persons performance from one day to the next?  This course will help you to deal with performance management issues successfully, professionally and confidently.

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From only $25 per week

Conflict Management

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$499 $749

Conflict resolution is a critical managerial skill. This short course explores the factors that drive conflict and ways to effectively intervene and facilitate positive outcomes in any situation. By learning to identify conflict in its early stages, you'll be able to respond with confidence..

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From only $25 per week

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

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$499 $749

Perhaps you have been delegated to make your workplace WHS compliant or identify potential hazards before assessing risks. Either way, with this course you’ll learn important occupational health and safety measures for on-the-job implementation.

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From only $25 per week

How to Write a Resume

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$99 $149

If you’re keen to boost your ‘get hired score’, you’ll need better resume writing skills. Get them here when you enrol for this short Online Courses Aus course and really learn how to stand out from the crowd.

Leadership Skills Bundle

Trustpilot - Excellent
$499 $749

Our Leadership Skills Bundle is designed to support your franchise business. Effective leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new.

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From only $25 per week

Choosing an HR Course

Human Resource management is more than just recruitment and policy; it's a vital aspect of modern businesses in Australia and worldwide. In a rapidly changing business environment, HR professionals are facilitators who bridge the gap between employees and management, ensuring smooth organisational functioning.

For those ready to dive into the engaging world of Human Resource management,apply now, and get started on a new path for your future. With our range of courses and flexible study options, you'll find the perfect balance to suit your lifestyle and goals

HR Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of Online Courses Australia’s HR course, you will:

  • Understand and apply effective human resource functions in various organisational contexts.

  • Develop performance management strategies and administer performance development processes to ensure productivity.

  • Navigate industrial relations and employee relations in alignment with Australian laws and regulations.

  • Gain practical skills in workforce planning, onboarding new employees, and people management.

  • Explore project management within HR, focusing on real-world applications and scenarios.

Is an HR Course Right For You?

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your skills, or a newcomer with a passion for people management and workforce dynamics, an HR course could be your gateway to success. With a blend of full-time and part-time options, our courses are tailored to suit every learning style.

Our flexible, learner-centric study options ensure that you can balance your career, passion, and lifestyle all at once, giving you the practical skills and theoretical insights to excel in the ever-changing field of human resource management. If you're eager to embrace the challenges and rewards of the HR world, there's never been a better time to dive in.

Interested in all things business and management? You’ll likely enjoy these courses too:

HR Industry Snapshot

In the bustling business environment of Australia, HR is more than just a profession; it's the beating heart of organisational success. HR isn't about pushing papers anymore; it's about ensuring that workplaces are harmonious, efficient, and perfectly aligned with business goals.

Australia employs approximately 56,000 human resources officers nationwide, with an average working week of 38.5 hours, often from the comfort of an office desk.

From the exciting process of onboarding new talents to the complex strategies of workforce planning, the role of HR is evolving every day. Dive into this fascinating world and become a part of the transformation that shapes culture, nurtures talent, and drives success.

Careers in HR

There are countless career opportunities and HR roles in Australia. Here's a glimpse into the exciting opportunities:

  • Human Resources Officer: Take charge and oversee the recruitment process, ensuring the right talents find their perfect fit.

  • Performance Manager: Be the guiding star in employee development, setting goals, tracking progress, and helping talents shine.

  • Industrial Relations Specialist: Navigate the intricate world of employee agreements and disputes, safeguarding both individual rights and organisational interests.

Whether you want to foster strong employee relations or implement robust workforce planning, HR offers a rewarding and impactful career. Connect with people, build relationships, and make a genuine difference in your organisation.

These are not just jobs; they're pathways to meaningful connections and lasting impacts. With our HR courses, the journey to your dream career begins here.

HR Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

With qualifications in HR, you can expect to work in roles that offer competitive remuneration and fulfilling experiences. Human resource officers can expect an average salary of $69,992, while those at the managerial level enjoy a rewarding average of $107,588. There is also potential for pay growth as you expand your competencies.

HR Course Available

There are a range of HR courses available in Australia, and the right pathway will depend on the type of study you wish to undertake.

Online courses and micro-credentials present a cost-effective way to test the waters and explore this potential career pathway.

At Online Courses Australia, we offer 9 self-paced short courses & micro-credentials, suitable for international students and local Australian learners.

While all of our courses are online, they are designed to be interactive, facilitated by experienced professionals in the field.

Whether you're building on existing work experience or starting fresh and need to learn the fundamentals, our programs offer pathways that are tailored to different stages of your career.

Related Courses

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HR Course Entry Requirements & Fees

Eligibility and course fees vary depending on where you choose to study. At Online Courses Australia, our HR courses are delivered 100 per cent online, providing 24/7 access, making it an accessible choice for both Australian and international aspiring HR professionals.

There are no formal prerequisites or entry requirements, but to enrol in this course, you should:

  • Have access to the internet and the necessary technical skills to navigate the online learning resources

  • Have access to a device with internet connectivity (laptop, desktop, tablet)

  • Be a self-directed learner, eager to dive into the dynamic world of human resource functions, industrial relations, performance management, and more

  • Possess sound language and literacy skills to effectively engage in human resource management and people-related communication

  • Be proficient in English, as the course is delivered in English, ensuring clear comprehension and success in your HR journey.

As for the course fees, they can vary widely, depending on the course, the institution, and whether you're studying full-time, part-time, or online. It’s worth mentioning that online courses are typically more affordable than more traditional pathways of study.

It's always best to enquire about the fees, payment plans, financial assistance options, and any recognition of prior learning before enrolment to ensure you're fully informed.

HR Course FAQs

What is the best HR course to take?

The best course depends on your career goals and current qualifications. Options like our Advanced Staff Management Course Bundle can be great starting points.

What pays more HR or marketing?

Both fields offer lucrative opportunities, with specific salaries depending on the role and location. On average, marketing may pay slightly more, but it does depend on the company you work for and your level of experience.

Should I choose marketing or HR?

Your choice should align with your interests and strengths, whether it's creative marketing campaigns or managing human resource functions.

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