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Management Courses

3 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Business Course Bundle (9 Micro-Credentials)

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Step into the world of business through our most comprehensive short online business course bundle that covers the fundamentals of business planning, management, marketing and administration...

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Business Management (Advanced Micro-Credential)

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We can help you take another exciting step towards the career of your dreams as a manager. With our online Business Management (Advanced Micro-Credential) you’ll be perfectly positioned to develop...

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Leadership & Performance Mindset Course Bundle

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Effective leadership requires mental strength to perform and lead under pressure. This course, with mindset expert Emma Murray, equips leaders with the tools and strategies to manage their mindset in order to maximise their potential, productivity and performance.

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Choosing A Management Course

You don't need to attend a traditional business school to learn management. Online Courses Australia allows you to study business administration and management from anywhere in Australia, and accelerate your entry into the business world. Our management courses are crafted to equip you with essential management skills for leadership and growth, suitable for various professional backgrounds.

The focus here is on practical application, not just theory. Real-world case studies, interactive exercises, and simulations help you sharpen problem-solving, strategic thinking, and leadership skills. Whether you're an aspiring manager, team leader, business owner, or professional seeking to upskill your abilities, our management courses and micro-credentials are for you.

Along with the main management subjects, we also offer courses to improve your skill set in financial knowledge, customer service, and marketing tactics. At Online Courses Australia, we aim to provide an all-in-one learning experience to prepare you for success in different areas of business management.

Take the next step in your professional development with Online Courses Australia. It's a smart investment that can enhance your skills, make you more valuable to employers, and set you on the path to success in a competitive business environment.

Management Course Learning Outcomes

A management course can provide a wealth of knowledge and skills. Here are some typical learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Management Principles: Grasping fundamental management concepts, theories, and practices.

  • Leadership Skills: Learning how to lead, motivate, and manage teams effectively.

  • Strategic Thinking: Developing the ability to create and implement successful business strategies.

  • Problem-Solving Skills: Enhancing critical thinking to analyse, diagnose, and solve complex business problems.

  • Communication Skills: Improving verbal and written communication to facilitate better interaction within an organisation.

  • Decision Making: Gaining the confidence to make informed, ethical, and effective business decisions.

  • Project Management: Learning how to plan, execute, and oversee projects from conception through completion.

  • Financial Acumen: Understanding financial statements, budgeting, and fiscal management to make sound financial decisions.

  • Customer Service Excellence: Learning techniques to provide exceptional customer service and build strong customer relationships.

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies: Developing effective marketing and sales strategies that align with organisational goals.

Is a Management Course Right for You?

Being in charge is no walk in the park, but it does come with its perks. Managerial positions offer impressive paychecks, but they also bring plenty of responsibilities. To excel, you'll have to be a pro at understanding people, assessing situations, and deciphering market trends swiftly and accurately. Keeping your cool under pressure is a must, and having a knack for clear communication across various platforms will take you far. Skills and talents in the following areas are also a plus:

  • Organisation

  • Problem-solving

  • Negotiation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Networking

  • Customer service

  • Marketing

  • Communication skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Decision Making

  • Emotional Intelligence

If you enjoy working with people and managing, you might also enjoy these courses:

Management Industry Snapshot

Australia has a bustling management scene, both in the public and private sectors. To break it down, we're talking about approximately 79,700 construction managers, 125,900 sales managers, and a huge 235,200 retail managers. As for hours, Australian managers are putting in roughly 44 hours per week. And where are they spending most of that time? Mostly in the traditional office setting.

Careers in Management 

Studying management can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities, including:

• General Manager
• Operations Manager
• Project Manager
• Office Manager
• Human Resources Manager
• Administration Manager
• Executive Manager
• Branch Manager
• Business Manager
• Small Business Owner

Management Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

Management practices are evolving with a high-tech twist. Think data mining, cloud computing, and customer relationship management (CRM) software – they're becoming big players in nearly every industry.

Today's managers need to stay in the loop about the latest tools and technologies that are shaking up their field. And not only that, but they should also have the flexibility to tweak their management style to match the rapid shifts in the landscape.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the future holds plenty of management roles, especially in industries that are gearing up for significant growth over the next five years:

  • Advertising and Sales

  • Construction

  • Corporate Services

  • Engineering

  • Finance

  • Health and Welfare Services

  • Hospitality

  • Human Resources

  • ICT

  • Retail

  • Transport Services

In terms of pay, manager salaries vary based on experience, education, and the company's size. Salaries typically range between $54,200 for entry-level positions and a sweet $162,000 for executive managers, as reported by PayScale.

Management Courses Available

To succeed in this role, you need plenty of skills, knowledge and confidence, and the best way to ensure your success is through a management course. The good news is there are a range of study areas and study options to choose from.

Short Management Courses

If you're new to the world of management and want to dip your toes in to see if it's your calling, a short course in management could be your perfect match, like Online Courses Australia’s Business Course Bundle.

All of our courses offer a compact yet comprehensive overview of what being a manager involves. They're like a sneak peek into the world of management, allowing you to gauge if it aligns with your interests and strengths.

The beauty is, you can even specialise in a specific aspect of management that resonates with you. The cherry on top? Our short courses often wrap up in a matter of weeks to months, and many are conveniently available online. It's a low-commitment way to explore a potential new path in your career journey.

Related Courses

Management Course Entry Requirements & Course Fees

The entry requirements differ based on the course level you're eyeing. The good news is with short courses, there are no entry requirements - all you need is a willingness to learn and succeed!

Course Fees: Course costs vary depending on the program, institution, and whether you're studying full-time, part-time, or online. Short courses, for instance, are often more budget-friendly than formal study pathways.

Financial Support: Many institutions offer payment plans to ease the burden of enrollment costs. Eligible students might even access financial aid or scholarships. It's crucial to find out from your chosen institution regarding tuition fees, potential additional expenses, and available financial assistance. Being well-informed before enrolling is key.


What's the best management course for me?

The ideal course depends on your current experience and goals. Assess your needs and career aspirations to find the best fit. A short course or micro-credential is a good place to start for most people!

What will I learn in a management course?

Management courses cover a range of topics, including leadership, communication, operational planning, project management, and more. You'll gain skills to handle diverse challenges in the business world. Traineeships may also be available.

What job opportunities open up with a management course

A management course opens doors to various roles across industries. You could become a team leader, supervisor, project manager, or even a department head. The skills you gain are applicable in a wide array of sectors.

Are OCA courses in-person or online?

Our short courses are entirely online. Whether you're in Sydney NSW, Brisbane, Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, you can conveniently study management with us.



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