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Hospitality Courses

3 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Events and Hospitality Management Career Sampler

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Are you considering a career in events and hospitality? Learn what’s possible with our 'Events & Hospitality Career Sampler' course that is designed to give you a taste of the industry and the study involved to turn your dream into a reality.

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Event Management Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials)

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Interested in accessing better employment opportunities in events management? Don’t delay your ambition. Upskill here with our event management course bundle and fast track your career. This course...

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Advanced Sales & Customer Service Skills

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Learn the secrets of successful salespeople and improve on your customer service skills. These skills are essential to any business and if you run your own show, they will no doubt help you grow your business. Improve your knowledge...

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Dollar Sign Payment Plan available
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Choosing A Hospitality Course

If you're eyeing a career in the hospitality industry, Australia is the place to be. The hospitality scene here is not just thriving; it's booming with opportunities. From lively bars and top-notch restaurants to cruise ships, dazzling casinos, hotels, and luxurious resorts, you'll find it all.

And guess what? The roles are as diverse as the experiences. You could be the friendly face at the front, interacting with customers and making their day. Or perhaps you're more inclined towards the culinary arts, crafting mouthwatering dishes and creative drinks behind the scenes.

If you’re looking to study hospitality in Australia, why not try a short course to dip your toes in the industry? With a range of study options from full time to part time, you'll learn the ins and outs of this dynamic industry, along with practical skills to gear you up for an exciting journey filled with creativity, growth, and plenty of opportunities to shine.

Hospitality Course Learning Outcomes

There’s plenty to learn about

  • Gain a solid understanding of the core principles and practices in the hospitality industry.

  • Develop excellent customer service skills, equipping you to interact with guests effectively and professionally.

  • Learn about kitchen management, food safety and beverage operations, including menu planning, preparation, and presentation.

  • Acquire knowledge in maintaining a clean and safe environment for both customers and staff.

  • Understand the basics of hospitality management, covering areas like reservations, event coordination, and team leadership.

  • Enhance your communication skills to ensure seamless interactions with colleagues and patrons.

  • Gain insights into the legal and ethical aspects of the hospitality business, including regulations and compliance.

Is a Hospitality Course Right for You?

While roles in the hospitality industry might come with extended hours, considerable stress, and intense pressure, the rewards are truly unmatched. Every single day presents an opportunity to connect with fresh faces, explore new experiences, and contribute to something truly remarkable. If you're on the hunt for a course that's brimming with chances for growth, hospitality is just the ticket.

Do you think you're up for a hospitality career in one of Australia? If the answer is yes, then it's time to discover an online hospitality course and showcase your incredible potential to the world.

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Industry Snapshot

Australia's vibrant hospitality industry plays a pivotal role in the economy, encompassing restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, resorts, catering, and entertainment. This dynamic sector is a key driver of economic growth and job opportunities, with a projected tourism spend of $167 billion by 2025. Currently employing around 796,500 individuals nationwide, this industry stands strong. Restaurants generate $12 billion annually, while hotels and resorts contribute AU$6 billion.

Careers in Hospitality 

There are countless career opportunities and career paths in the Australian hospital industry. From commercial cookery to front office work & restaurant management, here are some of the careers:

  • Chef/Cook: Create culinary masterpieces in various establishments, from restaurants to hotels.

  • Bartender: Craft and serve beverages, both classic and creative, in bars, pubs, and lounges, while engaging with patrons and creating memorable experiences.

  • Waitstaff: Provide excellent customer service by taking orders, serving meals, and ensuring guests have a pleasant dining experience in restaurants, cafes, and eateries.

  • Hotel Manager: Oversee the daily operations of a hotel, ensuring smooth guest check-ins, coordinating housekeeping, managing staff, and maintaining high-quality services.

  • Event Management: Organise and execute events, conferences, weddings, and parties in venues ranging from hotels to event centres, ensuring every detail is perfect.

  • Sommelier: Share your passion for wine and beverages by curating wine lists, offering recommendations, and providing expert guidance on pairings in upscale restaurants.

  • Tourism and Hospitality Educator: Teach and train the next generation of hospitality professionals by sharing your industry insights and expertise in educational institutions.

  • Food and Beverage Manager: Supervise the dining experience, ensuring high-quality service, efficient operations, and customer satisfaction in restaurants and hotels.

  • Restaurant Manager: Run the day-to-day operations of a restaurant, including staff management, customer service, financial planning, and maintaining overall business performance.

  • Barista: Craft exceptional coffee and espresso beverages, showcasing your expertise in coffee preparation, latte art, and customer interaction in cafes and coffee shops.

  • Concierge: Offer personalised assistance to guests in hotels, providing information on local attractions, making reservations, and ensuring a comfortable stay.

  • Resort Manager: Manage the operations of resorts and leisure complexes, overseeing accommodation, dining, and recreational facilities to create memorable guest experiences.

Hospitality Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

Australia is currently basking in a hospitality boom, with plenty of jobs and careers up for grabs (with the right short course or micro-credential under your belt).

Notably, the job market for hospitality soared in major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney last year.

Nationwide, there was a remarkable 17% surge in opportunities for chefs, cooks, and managers. Roles in housekeeping and kitchen assistance enjoyed a growth of 20%, while bar and beverage positions experienced a steady rise of 7%.

Salary Snapshot (Annual):

  • Chef/Cook: Median salary of around AU$55,000 to AU$65,000.

  • Restaurant Manager: Ranges between AU$50,000 to AU$75,000, depending on experience and establishment.

  • Bartender: Typically earns around AU$45,000 to AU$55,000, inclusive of tips.

  • Hotel Manager: Median salary from AU$65,000 to AU$85,000, varying by location and property size.

  • Front Desk Receptionist: Generally earns around AU$40,000 to AU$50,000, with potential for higher earnings in upscale establishments.

Keep in mind that salaries can vary based on factors like experience, location, and the type of establishment you work in. So, if you're envisioning a career in the hospitality industry, rest assured that not only will you find a world of opportunities but also a range of earnings that reflect your skills and dedication.

Hospitality Courses Available

Whether you’re an entry-level hospitality student, or looking for further study, there’s something for you. In Australia, there’s an array of hospitality courses that cater to diverse skill levels.

You can also complete hospitality management and hospitality training short courses and micro-credentials at online providers like Online Courses Australia.

Our popular Events and Hospitality Management Career Sampler course is a great way to dip your toes in the industry and find out what it’s all about.

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Hospitality Course Entry Requirements & Fees

In the world of hospitality, you don't always need a degree to start working. But if you want to go far in this competitive field, having the right skills is really important. If you're aiming for jobs like running catering operations, managing world-class hotels, or directing programs, you'll often handle big budgets and more responsibilities, so higher-level study is usually required.

The good news is to enrol in an online short course or micro-credential course, there are no formal entry requirements – just a keen willingness to learn about hospitality.

As for course fees, they can fluctuate depending on the course, institution, and mode of study.

Hospitality Course FAQs

What are the requirements for hospitality?

Consider taking a short course to learn the basics and get a feel for the industry. Short courses provide a quick and focused way to gain foundational knowledge in hospitality. To kickstart your journey in hospitality, you can consider traineeships and apprenticeships.

What does a hospitality worker do?

Hospitality workers engage in hands-on roles that require specific skill sets. Whether it's preparing delicious dishes, managing events, or providing top-notch service, hospitality workers play a vital role in ensuring memorable moments for customers.

Do you need an RSA to do hospitality management?

Having an RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certification is often necessary for hospitality management roles if you plan on serving alcohol. This certification ensures that you're equipped to handle alcohol service responsibly and in line with legal guidelines.

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