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Are you struggling to find the right career fit? Say hello to Wandr, our new career discovery platform...
When it comes to careers, you don’t know what you don’t know. So we’ve made it our mission to fix that. Request an info pack today.




Wandr is an affordable, low-commitment learning platform where undecided students - or those that simply don’t fit the traditional academic mould - can get help working out what they’re good at.

We created Wandr because we know from experience how tough it can be deciding what to do after school.

We’ll help you work out what comes next with as much support as you need.

What if you don’t know what you’re good at yet? What if you change your mind down the track?

The good news is: you don’t need to have a plan yet.

Because that’s where we come in.

All our content is designed and delivered by real-world experts who really know their stuff. You can even sign up for 1:1 mentorship with our mentorship pass. This pass also includes regular ‘live drop-in sessions with celebrity mentors’.

If you are looking for formal career counselling, pathway advice and a career plan, our Career Coach Pass includes everything you need. 

Career counselling is invaluable for people to gain clarity in their professional lives. It’s a very much under-used resource, but it’s there nonetheless, so how can you tell if it’s something that will be able to help you in your work life? Not sure? Well, don’t fret, as that’s what we’re looking at here, along with the convenience and affordability of professional short courses online from Online Courses Australia. 

What Are Career Coaching Services?

Career coaching differs from career counselling in one fundamental way, although they are pretty similar. Conversely, counselling uses past information about a person’s life as a guide, whereas coaching analyses your current situation, seeking ways to improve your professional status. 

Is A Career Coach Really That Helpful? 

Of course, when it comes to career coaching and counselling, evidence for the efficacy of these kinds of services lies in their existence. They’re widely used too, although not perhaps to the level they should be, as they provide a holistic view of you, your interpersonal skills and much more. 

The question is…what signs indicate that it’s right for you? 

Sign #1 - You Have Zero Idea About Where To Start Your Career

It pays to have a clear idea about where you want to go when you set out on your career journey, but often people have no real clue about where to start. If that sounds like you, then career counselling is a sound move, as professionals of this type are skilled at working out what’s best for people just like you and how your plans can be achieved. 

Sign #2 - You Don't Know What You Want To Achieve

One of a counsellor's primary abilities is to use their knowledge to work out what’s realistically achievable for you based on your skills and experience. This will inform you about what you should be working on in terms of short courses online and other personal development to realise your professional ambitions fully.

Sign #3 - You’ve Got The Talents, But Not The Focus

It’s great if you’ve got the talents to succeed professionally, but that doesn’t necessarily result in you getting your dream job. It’s all about focusing on those skills and refining them into something tangible and employable, perhaps adding some extra training for good measure. The structure is very much something your counsellor can help you create. 

Sign #4 - You’ve Been Unemployed Long-term        

There is perhaps no more need for career counselling than people currently looking for a job, either as part of a career change or straight from school. Able to guide you to the right further education and other valuable resources, you’ll often fare much better in your search for employment with their help, as you’ll be looking for jobs that suit you and your skills and experience. 

Sign #5 - Your Current Job Makes You Miserable 

Another big indicator you could do with the help of a career counsellor is if you’re currently unhappy with your work. Many people stay in roles they’re not happy with for far too long when all that might be needed is a spot of personal development and a clear strategy to get a job you’ll like doing. It can make a huge difference to your perspective on life.  

No two people have the same career trajectory so any change will be unique to you. Fortunately, online learning from OCA can be taken at your own pace; it’s easier than it’s ever been to learn new professional skills. Our video-based courses offer a superior learning experience. Our professional courses are developed in collaboration with top experts from each of the 20+ industries that our training covers and come with one-on-one tutor support.

Gain more insight on the suitable short, online counselling courses for you, with regular articles and blogs written by recruitment experts such as: 

For all your options, review our entire short course, CPD Endorsed training catalogue; call us today at 1300 611 404 or email our friendly team at [email protected].

When you're ready to gain employment or get that promotion or new role, you can visit our job board called Careers by Online Courses Australia. Sign up for free job alerts, Air CV, direct links to local and national employers and much more!

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