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So, you’ve had career counselling, you’ve applied for jobs and been given an interview. Great, you’re almost there! However, here comes the critical point where you’ll need to demonstrate your employability and a key factor involved is body language.

Is body language important during a job interview? 

Absolutely it is, yes! Even armed with knowledge and expertise gained through Tafe courses, you still need to be able to demonstrate confidence. One of the primary factors that determine how confident you seem is body language - so it’s something you need to pay attention to.

What are some body language hacks? 

You don’t want that important job interview to be derailed by your body language, so now we offer up a few body language hacks to help.

Entering the Room Confidently

It’s crucial to start as you mean to go on, so a nice confident entrance into the interview room will certainly help. Remember also, that you might bump into the interviewer on the way to the interview room, so start acting professionally from the moment you enter the building.

A Handshake Says a Lot About You

Whether you’re applying for a job as part of a career change, you’ll probably already know the value of a good, strong handshake. Combined with plenty of eye contact and a broad smile, you’ll appear self-assured and start the interview with a spring in your step.

Sitting Confidently Also matters

Career counselling is a broad subject that covers interview techniques and it shows that when looking for recruitment online,  sitting in a confident manner is key to creating a good first impression. That means sitting back in your chair, pushing your shoulders back and your chest forwards. Keep it subtle and definitely don’t hunch your shoulders.

Have An Open Posture

What you do with your arms says a lot about how you’re feeling. What should be avoided is a closed posture, which means crossing your arms. This makes you seem less receptive and somewhat guarded, so you should fight the urge to do so - even if you’re feeling interview nerves. 

Keep Your Hand Gestures Below the Shoulder 

As career counselling again shows us, hand gestures can be great for emphasising a point during an interview or showing honesty. However, it’s important to keep hand gestures between the waist and shoulder, as if they’re any higher, you might seem a little frantic and overbearing. 

Develop Professionally With Online Training From OCA

Following these body posture basics will ensure that you appear professional, confident and like someone who’s very employable. What will also help is developing your industry knowledge and expertise - something that’s made easy with video-based online courses from OCA.

At OCA, we offer professional skills training that covers more than 20+ industries, with every hour completed counting towards your CPD points. What’s more, by visiting us today at, you’ll see our learning is affordable, modular and easy to digest, meaning that it’s easy to fit around your current obligations.

Alternatively, if you’re after a little career counselling guidance as it relates to our courses, we’ll be more than happy to oblige. Our team is ready and waiting to help and can be reached on 1300 611 404.

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