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On the 12th February 2021, Online Courses Australia was awarded the global CPD Endorsement.  

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development(CPD) and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.    

CPD is a form of life-long learning or training in a structured way. 

What does the CPD Service endorsement mean?
It means, Online Courses Australia’s courses have been assessed by the CPD body. Independent subject matter experts have assessed and reviewed all of OCA’s learning materials and student policies and procedures.  The independent experts from the CPD body have assessed our learning objectives for each course, the learning content and the end of course assessment. The CPD body has effectively endorsed our learning for continuing professional development purposes.

What does this mean for our students?
Completing CPD endorsed learning gives our students CPD Points. These points can then be used in your resume, professional industry membership, or future career as a professional. 

Every hour of learning = 1 CPD point 

The CPD process helps you manage your own development on an ongoing basis. Its function is to help you record, review and reflect on what you learn. It’s not a tick-box document recording the training you have completed. It’s broader than that.

What are the major benefits of CPD?
CPD can help you to reflect, review and document learning and develop and update your professional knowledge and skills. It is also very useful to:  

  • provide an overview of your professional development to date
  • remind you of your achievements and how far you’ve progressed
  • direct your career and help you keep your eye on your goals
  • uncover gaps in your skills and capabilities
  • open up further development needs
  • provide examples and scenarios for a CV or interview
  • demonstrate your professional standing to clients and employers
  • help you with your career development or a possible career change  

To find out more, or speak to one of our team please call 1300 611 404 or [email protected].  


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