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Our new online learning and career discovery platform, Wandr, launches today. Co-designed with Gen Z students, our platform will close the skill gap between traditional job aspirations and jobs of the future, supporting the next generation on their career and education journey.

Built specifically for teens, Wandr offers hundreds of online courses and micro-credentials for non-traditional industries. Our affordable subscription-based platform gives access to an extensive online course library, one-on-one career coaching and support from industry and celebrity mentors so that students can discover roles and pathways they never even knew existed and feel confident about their career choices. 

Today’s school leavers have more options now than ever before. And yet, they’ve never been more confused or directionless. Wandr gives students the opportunity to explore multiple areas of interest and test out potential careers and pathways, without the anxiety and pressure.

For many teens, choosing a career path is racked with uncertainty and unanswered questions. They’re expected to make potentially life-changing decisions, often without the knowledge or experience to back them up. And with uni still the ‘gold standard’ to aspire to, the pressure to go the academic route is hard to resist.

Is it any wonder that when we commissioned research in 22 of 16-1 Australians, just 18% felt positive/excited about their future career? In fact, they’re much more likely to feel confused (33%).

But it‘s not all bad news. Thanks to Covid, the education sector has seen an explosion in the online space. From the creative to the technical, bite-size video masterclasses to intensive online courses, there’s almost no limit to what you can learn about online.

This got us thinking… what if we could use this model to facilitate career exploration - and help teens make better, more informed decisions about their future? 

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