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When you engage in career counselling, an often-given piece of advice is to put a career action plan together. That’s because, irrespective of the details of your professional goals, it can be used to map out your path to success. Everyone’s plan will be slightly different, depending on the complexity of your ambitions.

A well-created action plan not only allows you to focus on your objectives, but also allows you to track your progress. By reading on, you’ll find out about some of the fundamentals of putting one together, as well as how an online course from OCA can give you the skills you need for your chosen field.

So, How Do You Design A Career Plan For Yourself? 

As anyone in career counselling  will know, an action plan details the tasks required for you to reach your professional goals. Broken down into more-easily managed groups of tasks or indeed single tasks, you’ll be setting a realistic timescale for every step of your journey.

Action plans are used in a number of similar ways in the professional world to improve work performance, so it’s good to get some practice early on. It’s a document that also takes into account things like your current business and interpersonal skills, as well as methods in which to improve them.

Career Counselling Techniques Like These Help To Motivate You

When you look into recruitment online in your chosen professional sector, it can be hard to envisage your goals. However, when you track your progress, it gets much easier to remain motivated as you pass each milestone. You’ll get all sorts of action plans being put together, but typically speaking, you’ll always be including the following elements:

  • Setting SMART Targets - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound targets that you set before you begin
  • A list of actions - Implementable tasks that will get you where you need to go
  • Designated resources - Setting out what resources you have to help you complete each task

As Tafe courses on recruitment demonstrate, what gets focused on, gets done and by planning everything out in detail - and then sticking to it, you stop yourself procrastinating and missing out on your dream career. In essence, that’s what an action plan is - a reference point around which to organise all of your personal development efforts.

Train With OCA & Get the Skills You Need On Your Terms

No one said that training for your dream job was going to be easy, but the good news is that you can make it easier for yourself. By engaging in modular, video-based short courses from OCA, you get to learn in a simulating and convenient way. Got a few spare minutes to get some learning in? Check out your next bite-sized module on your phone and get it done!

Our training is also CPD-approved and put together with the help of industry experts who know exactly what recruiters are looking for. To find out more about this, career counselling  or anything else relating to our online training, visit us today at

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to us before enrolling in any of our courses that cover 20+ industries, give us a call on 1300 611 404 and we’ll be more than happy to direct you to your ideal solution.

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