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Counselling Courses

3 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Mental Health Course Bundle (+ Masterclasses)

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Designed in collaboration with top experts like Dr Golly, Wayne Schwass and Jade Hameister OAM, this 100% online Course Bundle will equip you with the practical, on-the-job skills...

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Counselling Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials)

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Do you enjoy helping people with conflict resolution or mental, lifestyle and emotional problems? If this is you, consider a career in counselling with our online counselling...

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From only $15 per week

Counselling Skills Micro-Credential

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Do you enjoy helping people with conflict resolution or mental, lifestyle and emotional problems? If this is you, consider a career in counselling with our online Micro-Credential.

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Dollar Sign Payment Plan available
From only $15 per week

Choosing a Counselling Course

Counselling is a field that offers a rewarding career and an opportunity to make a significant impact on people's lives. There are a variety of counselling courses available in Australia, with each designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to support individuals through their mental health journey.

Whether you choose an online short course, micro-credential or more formal levels of study, each course covers a wide range of topics. From in-depth studies of various therapies, counselling theories, and strategies for effective case management, you’ll learn the basics of helping people through their mental health issues.

Whether you’re completely new to the field of counselling, or work in a related field like social work and want to upskill with further study; from full-time, part-time or self-paced, there's a study option for you.

Counselling Course Learning Outcomes

By undertaking a counselling course, you’ll gain a strong foundation in a range of competencies, including:

  • An understanding of diverse counselling theories and therapeutic interventions, preparing you to assist clients effectively.

  • Exposure to various counselling contexts, such as community services and youth work, giving you a broad perspective on the field.

  • Mastery of the core units of counselling practice, including case management and support services. This will enable you to provide comprehensive assistance to your clients.

  • Proficiency in adhering to the ethical standards within the counselling setting, ensuring your practice respects and prioritises client wellbeing.

  • Real-world experience through work placement opportunities. This hands-on exposure will complement your theoretical knowledge and enhance your employability.

Is a Counselling Course Right for You?

Are you empathetic and a good listener? Do you find satisfaction in helping others navigate their struggles? If so, a counselling course could be an excellent fit for you.

These courses are designed for those who have a passion for supporting individuals through mental health challenges and an interest in community services and therapeutic interventions. Whether you want to work with young people dealing with unique challenges, offer support to marginalised communities, or work in a more generalised setting, a counselling course can equip you with the skills you need.

Remember, being a counsellor is about making a difference – and with the right training, you could make a profound impact on many lives.

If you’re interested in working with a diverse range of people & improving lives, you might also enjoy these courses:

Counselling Industry Snapshot

Over recent years, the importance of mental health has been increasingly recognised worldwide, leading to a growing demand for counsellors in Australia.

The Bureau of Statistics reports a steady rise in the number of Australians seeking mental health services, offering ample opportunity for those who want to work in this field. In fact, over two in five Australians aged 16-85 years had experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life

A course in counselling could be your ticket into this vital profession, enabling you to provide essential support and make a real difference in people's lives.

Careers in Counselling

A counselling course doesn't just lead to one career path – it opens doors to a wide variety of roles. Here's a glimpse of where a counselling course could take you:

  • Counselling Practitioner: You could work in a range of settings such as schools, hospitals, or private practice, using a variety of therapies to assist individuals and groups.

  • Support Worker: In this role, you might work within community services, offering support to people facing a range of challenges.

  • Youth Worker: If you have a passion for helping young people, this role involves aiding them through their unique life challenges.

  • Social Worker: You could provide holistic support to individuals, families, and communities, working in areas such as family services, mental health, and drug and alcohol services.

Counselling Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2023)

With a counselling course under your belt, your career prospects are broad and often financially rewarding. In Australia, salaries for counselling roles can vary, typically depending on factors such as experience and location.

The average counsellor salary in Australia is $94,837 per year or $48.63 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $84,840 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $117,000 per year

These figures underscore the value placed on these crucial roles within our society and the potential for a fulfilling and rewarding career in this sector.

Counselling Courses Available

If you're considering pursuing a career in counselling, you're in luck. Australia offers a multitude of courses and educational pathways to help get you there.

Online short courses and micro-credentials are one of the most cost-effective and flexible pathways into the counselling industry, such as OCA’s range of counselling courses.

Our counselling courses are all online, letting you balance your studies with other commitments, giving you the opportunity to discover if this potential career is a match for you, without a hefty upfront investment.

Not sure if a counselling course is right for you? Check out our range of the most in-demand courses to see what’s popular right now.

Counselling Course Entry Requirements & Fees

Just as there's a variety of courses available, there's also a variety of entry requirements. The good news is to enrol in an online short course or micro-credential course, there are no formal entry requirements – just a keen willingness to learn about counselling!

As for course fees, they can fluctuate depending on the course, institution, and study mode. But many institutions (like OCA), offer payment plans to help spread out the cost, and financial aid or scholarships might be available to eligible students. It's essential to research your chosen institution's tuition fees and financial assistance options, so you're fully informed before enrolling.

Counselling Career FAQs

Which course is best for counselling?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this as it depends on your career goals and prior learning. However, if you’re new to the industry, we’d recommend getting started with an online short course. It’s a great way to dip your toes in and determine if it’s the right career pathway for you.

What do counsellors earn in Australia?

Salaries can vary widely based on experience and location. On average, counsellors in Australia earn above the national average wage - anywhere from $84,000 to $117,000 per year.

What is the best course to become a counsellor in Australia?

Again, the "best" course depends on your specific career goals. OCA’s Mental Health Course Bundle saves you more than $500 on industry-led courses. It includes 3 Credentials, covering 19 areas such as building resilience for mental well-being, social psychology and mental illness, psychiatric problems affecting adults and more. Apply now!

Do online courses consider recognition of prior learning?

Some online courses do consider Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), giving credits for past experience.

Can I study on-campus with an online course?

Generally, online courses are fully remote, without on-campus attendance. Some offer blended options - depending on the course you pick. At OCA, our courses are fully remote, allowing you to study at your own pace and from anywhere.

Does my ATAR matter for a short course?

The good news is short courses don’t take into consideration your ATAR, anyone is welcome to apply!

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