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Community Courses

6 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Aged Care Pathway Bundle (7 Micro-Credentials)

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Gain practical skills for a naturally caring profession and save over $700! This bundle gives you access to ALL our community and aged care courses online for one low price...

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Job Ready Allied Health Assistance Bundle

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This Job Ready Allied Health Assistance Bundle combines our best-selling Allied Health Assistance Pathway Course with our Job Ready Skills Access Pass. It's the perfect entry point...

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Allied Health Assistance Pathway Course

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This Allied Health Assistance Pathway Course is designed for people looking to work in the health and wellness industry in a hands-on role...

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Mental Health Course Bundle (+ Masterclasses)

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Designed in collaboration with top experts like Dr Golly, Wayne Schwass and Jade Hameister OAM, this 100% online Course Bundle will equip you with the practical, on-the-job skills...

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Counselling Course Bundle (3 Micro-Credentials)

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Do you enjoy helping people with conflict resolution or mental, lifestyle and emotional problems? If this is you, consider a career in counselling with our online counselling...

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Counselling Skills Micro-Credential

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Do you enjoy helping people with conflict resolution or mental, lifestyle and emotional problems? If this is you, consider a career in counselling with our online Micro-Credential.

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From only $15 per week

Choosing a Community Course

Community service and support workers are increasingly acknowledged as critical elements in the Australian social landscape. That’s why community courses are designed to meet a broad range of needs in our society, focusing on everything from mental health support, youth work, and aged care to disability services. They equip students with the knowledge, understanding, and practical skills required to serve various community needs effectively. Furthermore, these courses often encompass principles of advocacy and community development, which are integral to creating meaningful change in people's lives, and the wider society.

Community Course Learning Outcomes

Choosing to study a community services course can lead to an especially rewarding career in this sector. Here are some of the key learning outcomes you can expect to achieve:

  • Comprehensive understanding of community service: Students will develop a deep understanding of how community services operate within different settings. This includes knowledge about case management, community development initiatives, and other strategies utilised to provide effective services.

  • Policy and procedure knowledge: Students will gain insight into various policies and procedures that govern the community services sector. This knowledge will cover areas like child protection, family violence prevention, and the mechanisms in place to protect vulnerable community members.

  • Skill development: Community services courses emphasise the development of a versatile skill set, allowing graduates to work effectively in a variety of roles, including support worker positions. These skills encompass everything from problem-solving and communication to critical thinking and empathy.

  • Practical experience: Many community services courses include work placements, providing students with valuable real-world experience. This hands-on experience allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical situations, which is essential in preparing for a career in the sector.

  • Advocacy: An understanding of the importance of advocacy in the community services sector is another key outcome of these courses. Students will learn about the role of advocacy in affecting social change and how to advocate for individuals and communities effectively.

Is a Community Course Right For You?

The decision to study community services should be driven by a passion for contributing to society, helping others, and promoting social justice. If you thrive in an environment where you can make a real difference in the lives of individuals and communities, a community course might be the ideal fit for you.

Whether you choose to study part-time or full-time, these courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to collaborate effectively with others and drive meaningful change. However, it's essential to remember that a career in community service can be emotionally demanding and requires a strong sense of commitment.

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Community Industry Snapshot

The community services industry in Australia is diverse and dynamic. It covers a range of services, including healthcare, youth work, family services, and aged care, among others.

An essential part of this industry is the recognition and respect for the Traditional Custodians – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, with many services aiming to deliver culturally appropriate services to these communities. Given the wide scope of the sector, there's a multitude of opportunities for those interested in a career in community services.

Careers in Community Service

Community courses can open doors to a diverse array of rewarding careers. As a community services worker, you can find opportunities in areas as varied as mental health, youth work, aged care and elders work, and disability services. You may work in case management, helping individuals navigate various services, or you might focus on community development initiatives. Some of the roles you could consider are:

  • Aged Care Worker

  • Social Worker

  • Youth Worker

  • Health Worker

  • Community Development Officer

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • General Care Worker

  • Grants Coordinator/Writer

  • Counsellor

  • Diversional Therapist

  • Community Planner

  • Case Manager

  • Community Organiser

  • Community Educator

  • Social Housing Coordinator

  • Welfare Worker

Community Course Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

Studying a community services course opens up a wide range of career opportunities in Australia, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to make a significant impact in their chosen field.

Job roles may include working in various settings such as mental health, family support, young people services, aged care, or disability services. These roles often involve collaborating with families and community members to provide holistic support that enhances the well-being of individuals and contributes to stronger communities.

Meanwhile, the sector is continually evolving to meet the changing needs of the community and to address emerging societal issues, and it’s also incredibly in demand. In fact, demand for community service roles is expected to increase by 44% in the coming years.

What about salary?

In Australia, community support workers earn an average of $63,000 per year ($32.31 per hour). Entry-level positions start at $56,731 per year, while experienced workers can make up to $76,805 per year. I

Types of Community Service Courses

Australia offers a diverse selection of community services courses, ranging from formal study pathways to the increasingly popular online short courses/micro-credential route.

If you're just starting out in the field or still trying to decide whether a career in community services is right for you, considering online courses and micro-credentials could be a cost-effective first step. These programs provide a solid introduction to the community services sector and can help you determine if you're ready for a full-time commitment.

For those who have decided to fully immerse themselves in the industry or are aiming to progress in their careers, more formal courses are also available. These courses delve deeper into the intricacies of community work and equip you with the essential skills and knowledge you'll need to excel in the sector.

Not sure what you want to study just yet? Check out our most in-demand courses right now!

Community Course Entry Requirements & Fees

When it comes to community services courses, just like any other field, there are plenty of courses available, each with its specific entry requirements. The great news is enrollment and entry requirements aren’t as strict as formal study pathways. All you need is a genuine willingness to learn and make a positive impact on communities.

As for course fees, they can vary based on the specific community services course, the institution offering it, and the mode of study you prefer.

However, there's no need to worry because many institutions in the community services sector provide flexible payment plans, making it easier to manage the cost of your education.

Community Course FAQs

What are community service studies?

Community service studies focus on preparing students for careers that aim to enhance the well-being of individuals and communities. This could involve working in various sectors such as mental health, aged care, youth work, or disability services.

Are there any free community service courses?

There may be some free courses available, but they likely won't provide the same level of industry recognition or comprehensive skill development as a course that's CPD endorsed. CPD endorsement means that each module within the course is globally acknowledged for Continuing Professional Development.

What is a vocational training course?

A vocational training course is an excellent way to gain practical skills and knowledge in a specific field or trade. These courses are designed to prepare you for a particular career or job, and they're often more hands-on than traditional academic programs.

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