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If you’re considering your career options and wondering whether to take personal training courses online, then we’re here to tell you that the fitness industry is one that offers a lot. In addition to being a fast-growing sector, the role of personal trainer offers many benefits for those with the right skills.

That’s precisely what we'll be looking at here, as we detail five compelling reasons to help you decide whether it’s a position you’d like to pursue. By reading to the end, you’ll be in no doubt about what it is that attracts so many Australians to join the profession. 

Benefit #1 - Flexible Working Hours

While some personal trainers choose to work at a gym or other fitness establishment, many don’t, preferring to work for themselves. Those self-employed fitness coaches get to choose when and where they work. By running your own schedule, you get to set your own hours, allowing you to enjoy almost complete professional freedom. 

Benefit #2 - Set Your Own Earning Potential

Another significant benefit of completing personal training courses online is the control you get to set your own earning potential. Being your own boss means that you can set your prices and how many hours you work, meaning that the sky's the limit for how much you can make. Just remember to not overstretch yourself by taking too many clients on, or the training services you offer may start to suffer. 

Benefit #3 - Empowering Meaningful Change to People’s Lives

When you’re working with your personal training clients on a regular basis, you get to see their ongoing improvement in fitness and overall vitality. By making this happen, you are facilitating meaningful change in people’s lives that can end up altering the whole scope of a person’s outlook. Job satisfaction doesn’t come much more satisfying when you see the joy of achievement in your client's eyes as they reach their fitness goals. 

Benefit #4 - Your Fitness Is Automatically Taken Care Of

The skills learnt on personal training courses online benefit your customers, sure, but they also benefit you. How many times have you heard someone say, “I want to get fit, but my job doesn’t allow me the time”? It happens a lot, particularly in sedentary office work. However, when you’re in the gym or fitness centre, you often get to work on your own fitness, even if it’s just in between clients. 

Benefit #5 - You Get to Do What You Love

Not many people get to say that they do what they love for a living, but that’s absolutely the case for personal trainers if you’re a fan of working out. Rather than the drudge of a job that you tolerate just to pay the bills, as someone who loves what they do, you get to go to work with a spring in your step - EVERY DAY!

Get the Course You Need - The Easy Way

These are just five of the many reasons why a professional personal trainer is a popular and sought-after career and the good news is that getting the skills you need is easier now than ever. At OCA, we offer a range of CPD-approved, video-based personal training courses online that make learning new skills an easy and flexible process. 

If you’d like to know more about this or any of the training we provide that covers more than 20 different industries and sectors, take a look at our website There you’ll also find our flexible payment plans that make paying for this top-notch training more manageable. 

However, if you’ve got any questions for us that you’d like to answer before enrolling, our team is available and happy to give you what you need. You can get in touch with them by calling today on 1300 611 404.


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