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Personal Training Courses

3 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Personal Training and Nutrition Business Bundle

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$999 $2499

Are you thinking of pursuing a career in fitness, personal training or nutrition?  We've created one of the best value fitness and nutrition course bundles in the market to help you realise your potential in this exciting industry. Get started today.

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From only $25 per week

Fitness Pathway Course Bundle

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$899 $1499

Love working with people? Like to keep fit and stay healthy? Fast-track your career as a gym instructor or personal trainer. All lessons are designed by leaders in the fitness and personal training industry. During this course you’ll learn important skills in..

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Dollar Sign Payment Plan available
From only $25 per week

Personal Training Micro-Credential

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$899 $1499

Our Personal Training Micro-Credential course will give you the necessary skills and knowledge to take the next step in your fitness journey. You don't need to settle for the ordinary when you can build an extraordinary career doing what you love.

Enjoy a 7 day money back guarantee

Dollar Sign Payment Plan available
From only $25 per week

Choosing a Personal Training Course

Dreaming about a fitness career where you get to help others reach their fitness goals? Then personal training might be the perfect path for you! At Online Courses Australia, our personal training courses offer comprehensive learning experiences that cover everything from basic exercise programs to advanced fitness education.

Whether you're looking to become a gym instructor or a one-on-one personal trainer, we've got a course tailored to your passion. Set yourself up for success with our range of courses and take the first step towards a fulfilling fitness career today.

Personal Training Course Learning Outcomes

By enrolling in our Australian personal training courses, here's what you'll achieve:

  • Understanding of Exercise Science: Dive into the scientific principles behind effective exercise programs, exploring the anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics that guide every movement.

  • Fitness Instructor Skills: Learn to lead group exercise classes and offer personalised training sessions, mastering the communication and motivational techniques that make each workout engaging.

  • Business Acumen: Manage your fitness career, whether working for a fitness centre or as your own boss. Learn how to market your services, build a client base, and handle the administrative side of the business.

  • First Aid and Safety Knowledge: Ensure safety in all training environments with proper first aid skills. Gain certifications in first aid and learn how to handle emergency situations effectively.

Is a Personal Training Course Right For You?

If you're energetic, love staying active, and have a desire to inspire others, a career in personal training might be your dream career! Our courses offer both full-time and part-time study options, with the flexibility of online study to suit any schedule.

From group exercise instructors to specialised personal trainers, there's a niche for everyone! No matter your background or fitness level, if you have a passion for helping others and a desire to be part of the exciting world of fitness, we have a course that can set you on your path.

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Personal Training Industry Snapshot

The fitness industry in Australia is booming, and there's never been a better time to jump in! With the growth in health awareness, the demand for professional personal trainers and fitness instructors is skyrocketing.

By becoming a personal trainer, you'll be part of an industry that values wellness, community, and personal growth. This industry doesn't just provide careers; it builds lifestyles. With options for specialisation in areas like group exercise, personal training, and fitness for special populations, you can find your niche and make a real difference in people's lives.

Personal Training Careers

The world of personal training offers various career paths including gym instructor, group exercise leader, online fitness course creator, and more. You could find yourself working in a bustling city gym or offering personalised training at a serene beachside resort.

  • Gym Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

  • Group Exercise Instructor

  • Fitness Centre Manager

  • Online Fitness Course Creator

These career paths offer the chance to connect with diverse groups of people, continually learn new skills, and create a work-life that complements your lifestyle. Embrace the opportunity to shape others' fitness journeys while enhancing your own.

Personal Training Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

Your investment in personal training courses can lead to a rewarding fitness career. Salaries vary, with gym instructors typically earning around $60,000, while experienced personal trainers can earn $70,000 or more.

Either way, the satisfaction of helping others achieve their fitness goals? Priceless! Plus, with the flexibility to work part-time, full-time, or even start your own business, the opportunities for growth and advancement are abundant. The rewards go beyond the financial; they're about making a difference and finding joy in your daily work.

Personal Training Courses Available

There are a range of fitness education and personal training courses in Australia, with online study gaining traction for those looking to explore a career in fitness and personal training.


At Online Courses Australia, our courses are not just affordable, they also offer self-paced learning with no face-to-face time required – a perfect way to start your PT journey.

With our short courses and micro-credentials, you can dip your toes into the industry to see if it’s right for you. Your dream career is waiting for you!

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Personal Training Course Entry Requirements & Fees

Getting started with our personal training courses is easy. There are no entry requirements or assessments to complete to be accepted – all you need is a love for fitness and a thirst to learn.

As for fees, we offer a variety of course bundles designed to fit different budgets. Whether you're a full-time domestic student or an international student looking to study part-time, there's a financially feasible option for you. Quality education doesn't have to cost a fortune; it just needs to be effective.

So why wait? With flexible enrolment and student support services, start your fitness career today with OCA.

Personal Training FAQs

What’s the best personal trainer course?

The best personal training course will depend on your career goals and aspirations! We recommend starting with OCA’s Personal Training Micro-Credential to test the waters.

How do I become a PT in Australia?

Enrol in one of our online courses and follow your tailored exercise science program. From there, you'll have the skills you need to start your career.

How much do PTs earn?

The average annual salary for a personal trainer in Australia ranges from $60,000-$70,000 per year. However, if you have a desire to start your own PT business, your earning potentials are limitless.

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