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Interested in understanding the minds of criminals and helping solve crimes? Becoming a forensic psychologist could be your ideal career path. Studying criminal psychology online provides a flexible and practical way to learn the skills needed for this fascinating profession.

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

A forensic psychologist applies psychological principles to legal cases, helping to understand criminal behaviour, assess offenders, and provide expert testimonies in court. They often work with law enforcement, legal teams, and correctional facilities to analyse behaviour patterns and support the Australian legal system.

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Day in the Life of a Forensic Psychologist 

  • Conduct psychological assessments of offenders
  • Provide expert testimony in court
  • Evaluate the mental health of inmates and provide treatment recommendations
  • Consult with law enforcement on investigations
  • Research criminal behaviour patterns and trends

Forensic Psychologist Skills

A career in criminology involves a blend of soft skills (skills you likely already have) and hard skills (skills you’d learn through an online course or other criminology career pathways). 

Forensic Psychologist Soft Skills

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Communication and interviewing skills
  • Ethical judgement
  • Empathy and understanding
  • Critical thinking

Hard Skills for Forensic Psychologist

By undertaking a criminal psychology course, you’ll equip yourself with the relevant practical skills to kick-start your forensic psychologist career. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Assessment Techniques: Learn to conduct comprehensive psychological assessments, using standardised tests to evaluate mental health and competency.
  • Interviewing Skills: Master interviewing techniques to gather crucial insights from witnesses, suspects, and victims.
  • Report Writing: Develop the ability to write detailed and accurate reports that effectively communicate psychological findings.
  • Testimony and Courtroom Skills: Gain experience in delivering expert testimony and presenting findings clearly in legal settings.
  • Criminal Profiling: Learn to interpret behavioural patterns and contribute to criminal profiling during investigations.

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Forensic Psychologist Salary in Australia (2024)

According to Labour Market Insights, psychologists earn an annual average salary of $107,432.

However, the more you study and specialise (like studying forensic psychology), the more your earning potential increases. 

Forensic Psychologist Employment Outlook 

The demand for forensic psychologists is growing, with expanding career opportunities in government agencies, private practices, correctional facilities, and consultancy roles. The rise in awareness of mental health and the criminal justice system's evolving needs is creating more pathways for aspiring forensic psychologists like you. 

According to Jobs & Skills Australia, the job market for psychologists is expected to grow strongly, and is likely to reach 35,100 by 2026. This means there’s never been a better time to get started in this fascinating industry. 

How to Become a Forensic Psychologist 

If you're eyeing a career as a forensic psychologist in Australia, the entry avenues are more versatile than ever before.

  • Online Courses: Online Courses Australia offers criminal psychology courses that can help you build foundational knowledge at your own pace. From assessment techniques to understanding criminal behaviour, these online modules provide the flexibility needed to learn effectively.
  • Micro-Credentials: Compact micro-credentials focus on specific aspects of criminology, like mental health and wellbeing, enabling you to quickly upskill or pivot into new specialisations.

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Start Your Criminal Psychology Course Today 

Ready to make a difference in forensic psychology? Online Courses Australia helps you develop practical skills to thrive in this rewarding field. Learn about assessment techniques, courtroom skills, and more right from your home.

A Curriculum that Works for You

Our courses are tailored to the most up-to-date industry practices, covering the fundamental principles of forensic psychology and advanced skills like profiling and assessment.

Flexibility on Your Terms

Whether you're wanting to study part-time or full-time, our courses fit your schedule. Forget commuting or strict prerequisites—quality training is just a click away.

Ready to make a difference in the field of criminal psychology? Your journey starts today with Online Courses Australia.

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If you have additional questions about our criminal psychology courses or our full range of courses that cover more than 20 different professional industries: 

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