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Getting started in a career as an ethical hacker involves a combination of technical cyber security skills, curiosity, and a commitment to improving cyber security practices. Ethical hackers – also known as “white hat hackers” – play an essential role in protecting businesses both small and large by finding and fixing security vulnerabilities before they can be exploited maliciously. Here’s how you can start this exciting career path with online study.

What is an Ethical Hacker? 

An ethical hacker is a security professional who uses the same skills and techniques as malicious hackers to test and bypass security defences. However, unlike malicious hackers, ethical hackers have permission to probe the systems and are employed specifically to improve security.

Day in the Life of a Ethical Hacker 

For an ethical hacker in Australia, a typical day might include:

  • Scanning Systems: Identifying and assessing vulnerabilities in systems.
  • Conducting Tests: Performing controlled attacks to see how well the system can cope with breaches.
  • Reporting Findings: Documenting the vulnerabilities discovered and advising on potential fixes.
  • Updating Security Measures: Helping to implement stronger security measures based on their findings.

Ethical Hacker Skills

A career as an ethical hacker involves a blend of soft skills (skills you likely already have) and hard skills (skills you’d learn through an online course in ethical hacking). 

Ethical Hacker Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving: Thinking creatively to find vulnerabilities and solve complex security issues.
  • Attention to detail: Noticing discrepancies and anomalies in systems and codes.
  • Communication: Clearly explaining technical findings to non-technical stakeholders.

Hard Skills for Ethical Hacker

By undertaking an ethical hacker course, you’ll equip yourself with the relevant practical skills to kick-start your ethical hacker career. By the end of an ethical hacking course, you’ll have:  

  • Experience with hands-on training in a simulated lab environment, practising safe hacking techniques.
  • Proficiency in using simulated cybersecurity environments to tackle real-world security challenges.
  • Skills in applying project management principles specifically to cybersecurity projects to monitor and evaluate project performance.
  • Knowledge in preparing for and potentially passing the Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) exam, demonstrating advanced penetration testing skills.
  • Competence in participating in CTF challenges, enhancing problem-solving skills under competitive and time-pressured conditions.
  • Expertise in exploiting SQL injection vulnerabilities to gain shell access, understanding both the theoretical and practical aspects of SQL injections.

Ethical Hacker Salary (2024)

According to Labour Market Insights, a Database & Systems Administrators & ICT Security worker (the umbrella industry an ethical hacker works in) can earn an annual salary of $121,784. 

Ethical Hacker Employment Outlook

Jobs & Skills Australia shows the employment outlook for ethical hackers is expected to grow strongly, with the number of workers likely to reach 104,000 by 2026. This means there’s never been a better time to upskill, or switch careers to become an ethical hacker. 

How to Become a Ethical Hacker 

If you're eyeing a career as a Ethical Hacker in Australia, the entry avenues are more versatile than ever before.

  • Online Courses: Platforms like Online Courses Australia offer specialised ethical hacking courses that cover essential skills—from the basics of cybersecurity to advanced penetration testing. These courses are flexible, catering to both part-time and full-time learners.
  • Micro-Credentials: These short courses are focused on specific skills and can be completed quickly, perfect for updating your skills or gaining new expertise in ethical hacking and cyber security.

Start Your Ethical Hacker Course Today 

If you're interested in using your skills to make a difference in cybersecurity, becoming an ethical hacker might be the right career path for you. 

Why study online with OCA?

  • Flexibility: Adapt your learning to fit your schedule, allowing you to balance other commitments.
  • Practical, Job-Ready Skills: Equip yourself with job-ready skills needed to start a career in ethical hacking.
  • Accessibility: Access your courses anywhere, anytime.
  • Learn from industry experts: Be guided by ethical hacking experts and learn first-hand the skills needed to thrive as an ethical hacker. 

With the right training and a proactive learning approach, you can embark on a career that not only challenges you but also plays a crucial role in protecting digital assets & privacy.  Start your journey today with an online course in ethical hacking.

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Start a Career in Ethical Hacking Today!


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