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A solid personal brand is a valuable asset to have, as it’s something that will help you in your professional career and business efforts. Anyone struggling to make headway in this regard can use online marketing courses to gain the knowledge of how to develop a winning online persona, but there are also some fundamental rules that you need to follow.

In this article, we look at some of the critical factors that will influence your personal branding success, as well as learn more about how social media marketing courses represent the most cost-effective, flexible and engaging way to improve your self-promoting prowess online.

Be Yourself In Everything You Do

The first rule when trying to establish a strong personal brand is to make sure that you’re authentic and yourself in everything you do. The top social media influencers out there - who rely on solid personal branding -  will tell you that people are able to see right through you when you’re not yourself, as it stands out a mile. 

Also, attempting to be something you’re not each and every day is hard work, meaning that sooner or later, that mask is going to slip, and then your reputation as an expert in your field is done. So, be genuine to who you are, regardless of the subject or the platform. 

Have a Specific Focus on Your Efforts

While it can feel like you want to use the knowledge learnt in online digital marketing courses to be all things to all people, the better idea is to focus your attention on your key message. By focusing your marketing efforts on a single target audience, you’ll be much better placed to create content that defines who you are and the expertise you offer.

Rather than being a ‘Jack of All Trades’ with little authority in anything, master your niche and build your branding around it. This will help to amplify your reputation as an expert in your field and as someone that people should listen to for good advice.

Tell Your Story to Your Audience

Something that’s seen as highly important in most online marketing courses is the need to tell a story in the content you create. If your personal branding isn’t doing this, then it’s going to impact your ability to make a meaningful impression on those that follow you. No one wants to hear you constantly bang on about how great you are, but they are likely to want to know about how you got there.

A great way to do this is to include videos that cover your backstory, as they offer an opportunity to connect with your readers at a human level. Regular video messages allow you to talk to your target audience as if you were talking to each person individually - providing time for you to reinforce what they already know about you.

Enhance Your Personal Branding Skills With OCA

As you can already see, building solid personal branding is complex and requires a lot of work, so it can seem a little daunting at first. However, it gets a whole lot easier when you boost your personal marketing skills with flexible, CPD-approved social media marketing courses with OCA. 

The engaging, bite-sized, video-based short course modules make learning so much more fun, with options like our Personal Branding Advanced Certificate able to be taken at a time and pace that suits your needs. So, if you’d like to know more about this or any of the many professional courses we offer, you do so by visiting us online at 

There you’ll find training across more than 20 different industries that come with one-on-one tutoring and flexible payment options when needed. Should you prefer to talk to us before enrolling, you can get in touch by calling us on 1300 611 404, where our team is waiting to give you the benefit of their extensive training expertise. 

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