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Every student has those days. You know, the ones when you swear you’ve woken up in a parallel universe where everything you’d had planned falls awry in those first five minutes of the day. It could be that the kids are sick. Or you’re sick. You might have been called in for a last-minute shift and you can’t say no. Or something as simple as a meaningless task which takes longer than you’d imagined. Your plans for a structured day of study and learning are left for another day. And then another day turns into another week. Time slips away and before you know it, your course lecturer or trainer is on the phone to see what’s going on. You, on the other hand, know what’s going on: You’ve lost motivation.

It’s absolutely normal for a student’s motivation levels to ebb and flow while learning a subject. That thing called life has an uncanny ability to throw curveballs at the most inconvenient of times, throwing your study intentions off course.

So how do you get back on the study bandwagon?

Sometimes it could be as simple as watching a playlist of inspirational pep talks to get you in the zone – to remind you that “Hey, you got this!”

So if your concentration is waning, here’s some awesome videos to get inspired – all in five minutes or less.

The most successful people have failed many times…

We’ve all grown up being told no pain, no gain and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, but this video really drives that message home. Even the most successful and power people in the world – JK Rowling, Steve Jobs, and Lucille Ball – have been open about owning their failures and overcoming them. This video highlights some of the most famous people who’ve overcome the naysayers.

Where do good ideas come from?

How many times have you thought, how on earth do people come up with these amazing ideas? Followed by why can’t I come up with amazing ideas? Well here, one of our most innovative thinkers Steven Johnson answers that all time questions in this infectious and encouraging video.

8 Secrets of Success

Do people succeed because they are smart or lucky? Or both? Or neither? In this instructive and refreshing speech, analyst Richard St John condenses years of interviews with successful people to sum up the foundations of success.


A Pep Talk from Kid President to You

Kid President wants you to take a moment and spread some encouragement – and he sure is convincing. Who would have thought we’d be taking advice from a six-year-old? His key message? Create something that will make the world awesome. Check it out!

My story, from gangland daughter to star teacher 

If you’ve got a little more than five minutes up your sleeve, take note of this amazing success story. Pearl Arredondo seemed like her life was set out for her from the moment she was born. As a daughter of a high-ranking gang member and a student who teachers claimed “had an issue with authority”, Pearl has succeeded in separating herself from her early environment and is on a mission to enhance educational opportunities for low-income students. Her story is nothing short of remarkable.


 We hope you've been inspired to continue learning! If you're interested in further education and qualifications, check out our range of courses today! All our online courses are developed here in Australia.


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