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Payroll Courses

4 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Introduction to Bookkeeping

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$899 $1299

OurIntroduction to Bookkeeping will teach you the fundamentals of bookkeeping. You’ll learn practical skills you can put to work including balancing your books, invoicing, payments and managing cash flow. Achieve success from our expert mentors...

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Prepare and Monitor Budgets

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$499 $749

Planning is the key to an organisation achieving its goals. However, translating high-level plans into realistic and workable budgets can be a challenge, so get the skills and knowledge you need to prepare and monitor budgets.

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MYOB Course Bundle

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$1099 $2099

Online Courses Australia's Advanced MYOB Course Bundle is designed to give students the practical skills and knowledge to get straight to work. This short course includes three credentials including...


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Xero Course Bundle

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$1099 $2099

Online Courses Australia's Xero Course Bundle is designed to give students the practical skills and knowledge to get straight to work. This short course has been developed so it's really easy to understand, you’ll be able to gain a thorough understanding of Xero with little or no experience.

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Dollar Sign Payment Plan available
From only $25 per week

Choosing a Payroll Course 

Enrolling in an online payroll course is a smart choice for those looking to boost their payroll skills. Online Courses Australia offers a variety of payroll courses tailored to give you the necessary knowledge and skills in payroll – from XERO to MYOB – fitting perfectly within the Australian business environment.

Whether you aim to specialise in payroll, handle payroll for your own business, or just enhance your current payroll knowledge, we have a course that's right for you. Our online bookkeeping and payroll courses allow you to learn at your own pace, making your journey towards a more knowledgeable and efficient payroll practice a smooth one. 

Payroll Course Learning Outcome

When you complete one of our payroll courses, you can expect to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding the basics of payroll systems, focusing on popular platforms like XERO and MYOB.
  • Learning how to set up and navigate through payroll settings for efficient management.
  • Gaining the ability to create, manage, and reconcile invoices and sales transactions.
  • Acquiring skills to efficiently handle bills and purchases within the payroll system.
  • Mastering the management and reconciliation of bank accounts in the context of payroll.
  • Developing knowledge on managing products and services, ensuring accurate payroll records.
  • Understanding how to manage fixed assets in payroll software to ensure accurate financial reporting.
  • Gaining insights into preparing and filing BAS returns, ensuring compliance with Australian tax requirements.

Is a Payroll Course Right for You?

If you're contemplating whether a payroll course is the right fit for you, consider your interest in managing finances and ensuring accurate employee compensation. This course is ideal for individuals looking to specialise in payroll, enhance their bookkeeping skills, or manage payroll within their own business. It’s perfect if you're keen on understanding systems like XERO and MYOB and wish to navigate the Australian payroll landscape confidently. Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to refine existing skills, this course offers a structured path to mastering payroll processes.

See also our Bookkeeping and Accounting Courses.

Australian Payroll Industry Overview (2024)

In 2024, the Australian payroll industry is focusing heavily on compliance due to ongoing changes in tax laws and work regulations. While technology is streamlining payroll processes, there's a rising demand for experts with specialised knowledge. Flexible work arrangements, integrating HR with payroll functions, and outsourcing are becoming prevalent. Additionally, ensuring employee satisfaction and data security remain top priorities in the industry's pursuit of efficiency and accuracy.

Payroll Career Opportunities

With a payroll course under your belt, you can confidently enter a range of industries as a payroll expert. Here are some of the most common job outcomes:

  • Payroll Administrator: Responsible for processing employee pay, maintaining payroll records, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations and company policies.
  • Payroll Manager: Oversees the payroll department, manages payroll staff, develops payroll procedures, and ensures accurate and timely payment of employees.
  • Benefits Administrator: Manages employee benefits programs, including health insurance, retirement plans, and leave policies, often working closely with payroll to ensure proper deductions and reporting.
  • Tax Compliance Specialist: Focuses on ensuring payroll tax compliance at the federal, state, and local levels, staying updated on tax laws and regulations to minimise tax liabilities and penalties.
  • Payroll Operations Manager: Oversees all aspects of payroll operations, including payroll processing, tax compliance, vendor management, and system enhancements, to optimise efficiency and accuracy.

Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

As businesses expand and evolve, the complexities of managing payroll also increase. In Australia, there's a noticeable trend towards greater demand for payroll experts who possess a deep understanding of local operational payroll and compliance regulations. 

In terms of salary, the average salary for a payroll officer is $81,274 per year. Entry-level positions typically start at around $74,100 per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $99,733 per year. This reflects the competitive nature of the field and the potential for career growth and higher earnings with experience.

Payroll Courses in Australia 

Looking to dive into the world of payroll? Australia provides a range of online courses tailored specifically for aspiring payroll professionals.

At OCA, our online payroll courses offer practical and budget-friendly pathways to jumpstart your career in payroll. Designed to be flexible and accommodating, these courses allow you to manage your studies alongside other obligations.

You can study our short courses in MYOB, XERO, and budget management from anywhere and at any time, making them accessible solutions for everyone.

Course Entry Requirements & Fees

The good news is to enrol in an online payroll course, there are no formal eligibility requirements – just a keen willingness to learn about payroll. 

As for course fees, they can fluctuate depending on the course, institution, and study mode. At OCA, our payroll courses start at $899. We also offer payment plans to help spread out the cost.

Why Choose OCA’s Payroll Courses?

Our payroll courses are the perfect combination of theoretical basics and hands-on application, focusing on scenarios you're likely to face in the real world. 

Get stuck into interactive tasks and practical exercises that hone your abilities in crucial areas like managing budgets, and handling accounts payable and receivable. 

Plus, you can’t beat the ability to study at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you choose for that matter!) 

Payroll Courses FAQs

What’s the difference between a payroll officer, bookkeeper and accountant? 

A payroll officer primarily focuses on processing payroll, ensuring accurate payment to employees, and compliance with tax regulations. A bookkeeper manages financial records, including payroll, but may also handle other accounting tasks like reconciling accounts, invoicing, and tracking expenses. An accountant has a broader role, including analysing financial data, preparing financial statements, providing financial advice, and ensuring compliance with tax laws. 

How long is a payroll course?

The duration of a payroll course can vary depending on the mode of study. Short courses or micro-credentials may range from a few weeks to a few months, while formal study pathways may span several months to a year. 

Where can I find payroll courses? 

You can find payroll courses at a range of educational institutions, from traditional institutions to private training providers, and online learning platforms like OCA. You can choose to study in person at a campus or enrol in online courses for flexibility.

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