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Accounting Courses

4 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Introduction to Bookkeeping

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$899 $1299

OurIntroduction to Bookkeeping will teach you the fundamentals of bookkeeping. You’ll learn practical skills you can put to work including balancing your books, invoicing, payments and managing cash flow. Achieve success from our expert mentors...

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Prepare and Monitor Budgets

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$499 $749

Planning is the key to an organisation achieving its goals. However, translating high-level plans into realistic and workable budgets can be a challenge, so get the skills and knowledge you need to prepare and monitor budgets.

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MYOB Course Bundle

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$1099 $2099

Online Courses Australia's Advanced MYOB Course Bundle is designed to give students the practical skills and knowledge to get straight to work. This short course includes three credentials including...


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Xero Course Bundle

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$1099 $2099

Online Courses Australia's Xero Course Bundle is designed to give students the practical skills and knowledge to get straight to work. This short course has been developed so it's really easy to understand, you’ll be able to gain a thorough understanding of Xero with little or no experience.

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Dollar Sign Payment Plan available
From only $25 per week

Choosing an Online Accounting Course

Enrolling in an online accounting course is a smart move for anyone in Australia looking to jumpstart or advance their career in finance. Online Courses Australia stands out with its diverse range of accounting courses, specifically designed to arm you with essential accounting skills and knowledge for success in the Australian financial services sector.

Whether you're looking to become a BAS agent, run your own small business, or simply want to upskill your current accounting and bookkeeping knowledge, we have the right course tailored just for you. Learning at your own pace, these online courses are your ticket to a lucrative and exciting accounting career in Australia.

Online Accounting Course Learning Outcomes

Diving into an online accounting course, you can expect to pick up a wealth of knowledge and skills. Here's what you’ll learn:

  • Accounting Principles: Grasp the fundamentals of financial accounting and management accounting, setting a solid foundation for your career.
  • Invoices and Sales: Learn how to manage financial transactions, essential for accounts administration. Also learn to prepare financial reports, which are crucial for maintaining the financial health of any business.
  • Bills and Purchases: Understand the ins and outs of managing bills and purchases, a core part of financial management and accounting skills necessary for every professional accountant.
  • Bank Accounts: Get a handle on managing bank accounts, important for accurate financial statements and a fundamental aspect of both financial and management accounting.
  • Products and Services: Dive into the specifics of accounting for products and services, essential for anyone running their own business or managing the accounts of one.
  • Fixed Assets: Learn about fixed assets and how they impact financial statements, an important skill set for aspiring chartered accountants.
  • BAS Returns: Master the preparation and submission of BAS returns, vital for Australian businesses and an essential skill for those looking to become a BAS agent or work in accounts payable and receivable.
  • Utilising Tools like Xero: Gain hands-on experience with accounting software such as Xero, a must-have skill for modern accounting and bookkeeping.

Is an Online Accounting Course Right for You?

Whether you run your own business and want to learn how to manage your finances, or you’re aiming to become an accountant, then an online accounting course could be an excellent first step.

The flexibility of online learning allows you to progress at your own pace and fit your studies around existing commitments. This format is ideal for those who need to balance learning with work, family, or other responsibilities. Plus, you can study from anywhere, at any time.

With an online accounting course, you'll acquire valuable skills that are highly sought after by employers, enhancing your employability in a range of sectors.

Australian Accounting Industry Overview (2024)

In 2024, the Australian accounting industry continues to thrive, driven by the demand for financial expertise across all types of businesses. This growth is not limited to traditional accounting firms; a wide array of industries, including technology, healthcare, and public services, require skilled accountants to manage their finances effectively.

The trend towards remote and flexible working arrangements has further expanded the field, providing more opportunities for professionals in the accounting sector. With the industry's solid foundation and expanding scope, accounting skills remain in high demand, offering strong job security and diverse career paths.

Accounting Career Opportunities

The world of accounting is packed with different paths you can take, depending on what you enjoy and where you see yourself in the future. Here are a few roles you could land:

  • Bookkeeper: Perfect for detail-oriented people, you'll keep track of daily financial transactions, making sure everything adds up.
  • Auditor: If you've got an eye for detail and love digging deep, this role involves checking financial statements to make sure they're accurate and fair.
  • Management Accountant: Help businesses plan for the future by analysing financial data and advising on the best moves to make.
  • Tax Consultant: Specialise in helping individuals and businesses manage their taxes efficiently and legally.
  • Financial Analyst: If you're into data and trends, this role involves analysing financial information to help businesses make smart investment decisions.
  • Payroll Officer: Ensure employees are paid correctly and on time, while managing records and deductions.

Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

In Australia, the average salary for an accountant in 2024 is AU$62,524 per year. This figure can vary significantly depending on experience, location, and the specific industry you're in.

For example, accountants working in the mining, resources, and energy sectors are at the top of the salary scale, earning an average of $119,862 annually.

Those in government and defence, education and training, and banking and financial services also enjoy higher-than-average salaries.

On the lower end, those working in real estate and property tend to earn less, with average salaries around $77,006​​​​.

Online Accounting Courses

If you're interested in exploring a career in accounting, you're in the right place. Australia offers a wide variety of online accounting courses to set you on the right path.

At OCA, our online short courses and micro-credentials in accounting are both practical and economical options to start your journey in accounting. They're designed to fit around your existing commitments, making learning more manageable.

Our accounting courses are available online, allowing you to study flexibly and balance your education with other responsibilities. This approach lets you test the waters of an accounting career without a large initial investment.

See also our Bookkeeping and Payroll Courses.

Course Entry Requirements & Fees

The good news is to enrol in an online short course or micro-credential course, there are no formal eligibility requirements – just a keen willingness to learn about accounting.

As for course fees, they can fluctuate depending on the course, institution, and study mode. At OCA, our online accounting courses start at $1,099. We also offer payment plans to help spread out the cost.

Why Choose OCA’s Online Accounting Courses?

Our online accounting courses are the perfect combination of theoretical basics and hands-on application, focusing on scenarios you're likely to face in the real world.

Get stuck into interactive tasks and practical exercises that hone your abilities in crucial areas like auditing, managing budgets, and handling accounts payable and receivable.

Plus, you can’t beat the ability to study at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you choose for that matter!)

Online Accounting Courses FAQs

Can I really learn accounting online?

You bet! Online platforms provide a mix of textual materials, video tutorials, and practical exercises to help you understand and apply accounting principles effectively, just like you’d find in an in-person class.

Can I learn accounting in 6 months?

Learning the basics of accounting can certainly begin within six months. While mastering accounting to a professional level might take longer, foundational knowledge and essential skills can be acquired through dedicated study over this period. The actual duration will depend on your prior knowledge, learning pace, and the time you can commit to studying.

Do I need formal study to be an accountant?

It’s certainly possible to gain a solid understanding of accounting principles and practices through online courses and self-study. Depending on your career aspirations, formal study pathways might be necessary. However, if you're looking to enhance your skills for your own business or to learn the foundations of accounting, less formal paths like online courses are a great option.

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