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Veterinary Assistance & Vet Nursing Courses

3 Short Courses & Micro-Credentials

Veterinary Assistant Pathway Course

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Turn your love of animals into a rewarding career and begin your journey towards becoming a vet nurse with this Advanced pathway.. 


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Veterinary Assistant & Animal Welfare Course Bundle

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Transform your passion for animals into a fulfilling career. Whether you aspire to work alongside animals daily or are dedicated to promoting their health and happiness, our Vet Course is the ideal Pathway.

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From only $15 per week

Explore Vet Nursing Career Sampler

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Have you always dreamed of working as a vet nurse but don't feel ready to commit to studying?  Why not test it out with this unique Vet Nursing Career...

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Choosing a Vet Nursing Course

Ready to kickstart your career in veterinary nursing? A vet nursing course is your first step into a world where your job is all about caring for our furry, feathered, or scaled friends. At Online Courses Australia, our courses will teach you both the hands-on skills and the know-how to excel in a vet clinic or animal shelter.

Under the guidance of experienced teachers, you'll learn everything from helping sick animals to managing the daily tasks in a vet office. It’s a career that combines heart with knowledge, setting you up for a fulfilling journey in the world of animal care. Ready to take the leap? Let's get you started on this exciting path!

Vet Nursing Course Learning Outcomes

At OCA, you'll acquire a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in the animal science discipline. Here's what you can expect to learn:

  • Clinical Pathology Procedures: Get to grips with the nitty-gritty of diagnosing animal diseases.

  • Anaesthesia: Master the art and science behind ensuring animals receive pain-free medical interventions.

  • Veterinary Dental Nursing Procedures: Delve deep into the realm of animal oral health.

  • Infection Control: Learn the crucial safety processes to prevent the spread of diseases.

  • Animal Care Work: Develop a comprehensive understanding of animal welfare and animal health.

Is a Vet Nursing Course Right for You?

If you find yourself always seeking out opportunities to care for animals, a career in vet nursing might just be your calling. It's not always a walk in the park, though! Vet nursing demands a blend of emotional resilience and a knack for working well with team members and veterinarians alike. Ready to nurture your inherent love for animals into a rewarding career? Then, it might be time to enrol!

If you love working with dogs and other animals, you’ll likely love these animal studies courses:

Vet Nursing Industry Snapshot

In recent times, the animal care services industry has seen a boom in Australia. Many Australians are embracing the joys of pet ownership, resulting in a steady demand for vet clinics and animal care facilities. As a prospective vet nurse, you'll play a pivotal role in this burgeoning sector, offering specific animal care advice and coordinating veterinary reception duties at your future veterinary clinic or practice.

Vet Nursing Careers

Embarking on a career in the vet nursing field in Australia means stepping into a world filled with opportunities to make a real difference in the lives of animals. Whether you're based in bustling cities like Melbourne or elsewhere, here are some rewarding career paths you might consider:

Veterinary Clinic Assistant

As a Veterinary Clinic Assistant, your day might start with consults where you will be interacting with pet owners and understanding the needs of their beloved animals. Your role will be pivotal in helping coordinate veterinary reception duties and ensuring the smooth operation of the clinic. You'll find yourself immersed in various core units of animal care, where your knack to nurse animals back to health will play a significant role.

Animal Shelter Coordinator

In this role, you're not just offering shelter to animals in need but also giving them a shot at a happier life. Your day could involve organising adoption events or working on community outreach programs to encourage responsible animal care. You'll be the bridge between animals in need and individuals and families looking to adopt a new family member.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist

As a Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist, you’ll be the beacon of hope for injured or abandoned wild animals. Your expertise will be vital in helping nurse animals back to their healthy selves, ready to return to their natural habitat. You might collaborate with lecturers and experts in the field to develop better rehabilitation strategies, ensuring the well-being of Australia’s diverse wildlife.

Veterinary Imaging Technician

If you have a penchant for technology and a love for animals, this could be your dream job. As a Veterinary Imaging Technician, you'll be responsible for conducting various imaging routines, including X-rays and ultrasounds, to help veterinarians diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries. Your role is essential in the timely detection of potential issues, making sure the furry patients get the appropriate care.

Animal Nutrition Consultant

An Animal Nutrition Consultant is the go-to person when it comes to understanding the dietary needs of different species. You'd be working closely with veterinarians, pet owners, and animal shelters to develop nutritious meal plans. Your advice could potentially transform the lives of many animals, helping them lead healthier, happier lives.

Vet Nursing Job Outcomes & Salary Expectations (2024)

Stepping into 2024, the outlook for vet nursing careers in Australia is promising. As a vet nurse, you could find opportunities both in full-time and part-time positions, with roles varying greatly in responsibility and scope.

On the financial front, a vet nurse's salary can be quite competitive. Entry-level positions start at $53,958 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $112,028 per year.

Vet Nursing Courses Available

Your journey towards a fulfilling career starts here, with a host of courses available to suit every interest and career path. We offer a wide variety of course formats and study options to suit your needs, whether you are looking for self-paced coursework, part-time, or full-time studies – all online and no on-campus visits required!

Our courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the animal care industry, giving you a comprehensive overview of subjects such as animal behaviour, veterinary nursing, animal welfare, and more.

For those who want to start working with animals as soon as possible, we have short courses that provide a quick but thorough introduction to the industry, like our Vet Nursing Career Sampler. If you prefer a deeper dive, our longer, more intensive courses can provide a detailed education on a range of animal health topics, like our Animal Conservation and Animal Welfare courses.

Whether you are looking to start a new career, upskill, or pursue a personal interest, our courses are designed to be accessible and accommodating to all, ensuring that everyone can find a course that suits their needs and helps them reach their goals.

Vet Nursing Course Entry Requirements & Fees

Enrolling in one of our veterinary nursing courses at Online Courses Australia is simple - no prerequisites needed. With easy entry requirements and affordable course fees, we ensure everyone with a passion for animals can pursue their dream career.

Whether you are fresh out of school or aiming for a career shift, our courses are open to all, with no stringent eligibility criteria to meet.

Enrol today and take advantage of our payment plans, making tuition fees more affordable than traditional study pathways.

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Vet Nursing Course FAQs

How much do vet nurses make in Australia?

In 2023, the salary expectations for a vet nurse in Australia are promising. While the figures can vary, a beginner vet nurse can anticipate an annual salary of around $54,000, with more experienced vet nurses earning around $112,000 per year.

Is vet nursing easy?

Vet nursing can be both challenging and fulfilling. While it requires a solid grasp of medical nursing routines and surgical nursing routines, the joy of caring for animals and being a pivotal part of a veterinary practice can be immensely satisfying.

Is studying to become a vet nurse hard?

Embarking on a veterinary nursing course involves delving into a rich and diverse curriculum. From learning about clinical pathology procedures to mastering infection control techniques, it is a journey filled with learning and growth. With dedication and passion, many find the journey enriching and attainable.

Can you become a vet if you are a vet nurse?

Certainly! Being a vet nurse can be a fantastic stepping stone towards becoming a veterinarian. It gives you firsthand experience in the animal care sector, and with further studies, you can aspire to become a veterinarian. Be prepared for a rigorous academic journey, though!


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