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If you've always imagined yourself working with animals, then vet nursing may be the dream career for you.  This Vet Nursing Career Sampler is the perfect starting point for you to secure an entry level position, helping with that all important step towards studying to become a qualified Vet Nurse.

"Just finished completing my course in just under three months. Easy and understandable website. Hands down, the most fantastic and reliable help I've ever received! Enjoyed every moment of studying and all the questions were set out easy and very understandable! Fantastic work guys, I will definitley be studying through you again! :)" - Brianna

This vet nurse course is ideal if you are in the initial stages of your career search and are considering working with animals as a Vet Nurse or Vet Assistant. This course covers a day in the life of a veterinarian, common health problems and behaviours, first aid and safety.  It's an introductory level course, focusing on the care of common pets, including dogs and cats among others.

Industry Facts

According to JobOutlook's website the tasks conducted by a veterinary nurse include:

  • Holding animals to allow examinations
  • Cleaning and sterilising examination tables and equipment
  • Preparing instruments and handing them to the Veterinarian
  • Assisting Veterinarians to administer anaesthetics and oxygen during operations
  • Placing animals in cages for recovery from operations and monitoring their condition
  • Giving medications to animals
  • Maintaining stock control and records
  • Providing animal care advice, and preparing, delivering, and reviewing animal care education programs
  • May perform diagnostic laboratory tests
  • May act as receptionist, accept payments and undertake clerical work

A career in this industry is likely to be secure with good working conditions.  There is usually a steady flow of interesting work, and the pay and conditions are generally good.  It's an ideal career for animal lovers that also enjoy serving and working with others.

There has never been a better time to work in the vet nursing industry. According to the Government's JobOutlook website there is strong growth with around 9,000 job openings over the next 5 years (that's about 1,800 a year).  Veterinary nurses have prospects all over Australia and New Zealand, including strong demand in regional areas.  A career in this industry also offers plenty of part time opportunities with around half of all vet nurses employed on a part time basis. 

Working in veterinary nursing is extremely practical and hands-on.  This industry leading vet nurse course is suited to people that are passionate about animals, who enjoy helping or providing a service, but who are also analytical and can search for facts and follow procedures.  The role includes tasks such as holding animals to allow veterinarians to conduct examinations, giving medicines to animals and providing advice and care to both animal patients and owners.

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Industry Recognised
Upon successful completion of this course you will receive an OCA Certificate of Achievement in Explore Vet Nursing Career Sampler.

Endorsed By Bondi Vet

Career Pathways

  • Entry Level Veterinarian Assistant
  • Animal Welfare Officer
  • Animal Carer
  • Employment at a cattery, kennel, pet shop or specialist pet service

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Course Topics

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Course Content Preview

View snippets of video content from our master course library, read topical articles and get a taste of studying with Online Courses Australia...

Have you always dreamed of working as a vet nurse but don't feel ready to commit to studying?  Why not test it out with this unique Vet Nurse Career Sampler course.

Vet Nurse Course Outline

What’s great about this sampler vet nurse course is that by the end of it, you’ll know whether it’s the ideal career path for you. Not only that, but if it is a career you’d be happy to pursue, you’ll be able to apply for entry-level positions in animal care, as you’ll be equipped with an OCA Certificate of Achievement for doing so.

To finish this short vet nurse course, you’ll be required to complete 40 study hours covering a wide range of veterinary and animal welfare subjects. If it’s part of having a career in animal care, it’ll be included within the course content. 

Veterinary Nursing Responsibilities

Whilst it’s important to be comfortable with and have an appreciation for animals to be a veterinary nurse, it’s also important to fully understand what the role entails. It’s not a job that everyone is suited to, so knowing beforehand what you might be asked to do is vital.

In the course of your day as a veterinary nurse or a veterinary nurse assistant, you will likely be required to regularly:

  • Hold animals to allow examinations to be performed
  • Prepare and pass instruments to the veterinarian during medical procedures
  • Help to administer oxygen and anaesthetics during operations
  • Move and monitor animals after operations
  • Deal with anxious or frightened animals
  • Perform stock control and record keeping
  • Give medication to animals. 

Veterinary Nursing Career Pathways

Completing this short vet nurse course online opens up a variety of careers in professional animal care, so you’re not pigeon-holed into following any one of the paths available to you. For example, you could be applying for a position as an entry-level veterinary assistant, carrying out day to day tasks in a working veterinary clinic.

If the outdoors is more your thing, then you could choose a career in animal welfare with organisations like the Royal Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). In this role you’ll be largely mobile, tasked with ensuring that no animals are needlessly suffering within your district.

Or what about a career in specialist pet services or a role in one of the many kennels or catteries located across Australia? Our vet nurse course prepares you for all of them, meaning that all these avenues are open to you.

Vet Nurse Course Topics

In this course you'll cover topics such as:

  • A Day in the Life of A Veterinarian
  • Common Health Issues in Domestic Pets
  • Basic First Aid for Animals
  • Working in Veterinary Facilities
  • Administration Services for the Veterinary Service
  • Safety in Veterinary Services 

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  • When you want to get started on an animal care career, a good place to begin is through dog walking. However, when you’re trying to start your own dog walking business, it can be difficult to know what to do first. That said, with the correct level of knowledge and motivation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to make a success of things. READ MORE
  • When Summer comes around and you find yourself sweltering in the heat, spare a thought for your pets who might be suffering even more than you. Animals like dogs are covered in fur and particularly at risk from the heat during times like these, so taking steps to preventing heatstroke in pets can literally be a life-saver for your furry friends. READ MORE

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