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So, you're studying a course in Animal Health, and you have a pure love for animals; however, if you’ve ever attempted to make animal care your career, you’ll understand that there is some competition for work placement. Working with animals is something that many people find attractive, so whether you’re searching for work placements as a zookeeper or in your local vet, there’s a good chance there will be a small queue.

Don't be deterred; there are many places other than the local Vet that can help you with work placement. Here we talk about some unlikely places to look at so you get the work experience you need to progress in your career.

Ask At Your Local Vets:

Yes, I know I said we are looking outside the box; however, your local veterinary clinic is the most accessible place to start. You could telephone them or email them to put your name down for any future openings. You can offer weekend dog walking or cleaning duties to get a foot in the door, as you have more of a chance to show your employable character and strong work ethic in person. 

Not only does this show both enthusiasm and commitment, but it also puts a face to your name and dramatically increases the chances of you being remembered when a work placement vacancy arises. Don’t be put off if there are no work placements to begin with, as this is the most likely response you’ll get. 

Follow Local Vets And Veterinary Colleges On Social Media:

Another way to gain a head start on others looking for work placements in animal care is to follow the social media profiles of your local vets and veterinary colleges. In the modern digital world, this is the place anyone looking to study animal care needs to keep an eye on. 

That’s because this is where vets and other animal organisations will post their current and future vacancies. The same goes for zoos, equestrian centres and pet stores, too, as it’s just how things are done these days. Follow their profiles on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, and you’ll find work placements that much more quickly.

This will also give you an insight into their world, meaning when you do get the opportunity to meet them face to face, you can reference animals or moments they have discussed on their social media platforms. 

Check Online Boards & Local Newspapers:

Check out online notice boards for information, as you’ll often find advertisements for work placements and veterinary care assistants. Again, it’s something you’ll have to keep going back and regularly checking for opportunities, but if you’re persistent, eventually, you’ll come up with trumps.

Where Is It Possible To Do Work:

So, we’ve covered some methods of finding work placements when trying to make animal care your career, but if you’re not having any luck, it could mean you have to get creative. You can find the opportunity you’re looking for at:

  • Catteries & kennels
  • Horse Riding schools
  • Animal shelters
  • Animal Welfare - RSPCA Volunteer work 
  • Dairy farms & sheep farms
  • Wildlife sanctuaries
  • Pet shops
  • Animal hydrotherapy centres
  • Dog grooming parlours
  • Pet sitting or Daycares 
  • Agricultural colleges
  • Local Zoos 

When you think of where to apply, don't limit yourself to common locations where you know animal care lives. Think outside the box, local farms, dog grooming, etc. Open yourself up to as many opportunities as possible and show everyone that your true passion for animals is there. Why not apply for a reception job and work up while studying? If you are curious about any jobs with animals, chat with a support team worker today. 

If completing a RTO course, make sure you check with your course provider that your work placement of choice is sufficient for sign-off. It’s a numbers game, so keep plugging away, putting your name down at as many places as you can until you get what you want. If you are curious about any jobs with animals, chat with a support team worker today. 

Online Courses Australia is a short course, CPD Endorsed training provided that covers more than 20 different professional areas; give us a call today on 1300 611 404 or email our friendly team at [email protected]. If you are a current student and would like to speak to an Animal Health mentor, reach out! 

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