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Did you know that working with animals pays well in Australia? Well, it does, with vet nurses earning as much as $45k-55k per year and even more experienced you get. The question we answer in this article is what a veterinary nurse is expected to do as part of their job and the kind of hours they'll be asked to work in the role.

Is Being A Vet Nurse Stressful? 

After completing the relevant TAFE courses  (Certificate IV in Vet Nursing), you’ll work in a role that can be very demanding. Most vet practices are extremely busy, and pet owners can get quite emotional when their animals are sick or injured. So, yes, it can be quite a stressful role to occupy. However, the reward comes when you see the animals in your care get better.

What Does A Veterinary Nurse Do Daily? 

What is a veterinary nurse expected to do each day? Well, once qualified, you work in a supportive role involving various tasks focused on animal welfare and health. Assisting veterinary surgeons and hands-on animal care, you'll have a range of responsibilities - depending on the type of vet nurse you are (there are a few kinds)

Those Responsibilities May Include The Following:

  • Handling & restraining animals when necessary
  • Education of pet owners re: flea prevention/worming/vaccinations
  • Feeding, walking, and grooming animals
  • Administering medication (tablets, fluids & injections)
  • Carrying out diagnostic testing (sampling blood/analysis of urine)
  • Maintenance of practice hygiene and cleanliness
  • Communication with pet owners (reassurance/information)
  • Preparation of animals for surgery

As online training  in vet nursing shows, you'll carry out all of these duties while adhering strictly to the Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Nurses - a code of practice that all vet nurses in Australia must follow when performing their role.

How Many Hours Does A Vet Nurse Work In A Day? 

What is a veterinary nurse expected to work in terms of hours? Well, in many cases, you'll work the same as in any other role, i.e., 39-49 hours a week during regular office opening hours. That said, in specific vet nurse roles, you may work shifts over unsociable hours - depending on what's required on any given day.

Many vet nurse clinics across Australia now operate on a 24/7 basis, meaning that shift work is more probable than possible. The thing is, animals need help at unexpected times in emergencies, so you'll have to be ready when needed. Working weekends, bank holidays, and night shifts are typical when working in this position. 

Is It The Role For Your Career?

Vet nursing can be a thoroughly satisfying career for any ambitious Australian professional. However, it's not for everyone. Just because you love animals doesn't necessarily mean you are perfect for the position. It has advantages, but like any role, it also has drawbacks.

For anyone still unsure about whether vet nursing is for them, you’ve got our Vet Nurse Career Sampler course which gives you a clear idea of whether a job would suit you and your career plans. This affordable option provides excellent insight into life in the role, so it’s something to consider.

Enjoy A Vet Nursing Career With OCA Online Learning 

If you're interested in training to become a vet nurse in Australia, there's no better way to prepare than by taking CPD-Endorsed online training with OCA. Our video-based veterinary care courses are modular (for easy digestion), and the content within is created in collaboration with top industry experts - meaning that you can be sure what you're learning is super-relevant. 

Our students regularly tell us that we provide the most immersive and best-supported online education Australia can offer - something you can learn more about by watching our Student Study Demo. Amongst the great stuff you'll see is 1-to-1 mentoring for every student, 24/7 tutorial assistance, and a platform that actively encourages lifelong learning.

Animal care is not the only sector our online learning  covers, as our entire library spans more than 20 professional sectors, from accountancy to aged care and event management. You can see our complete library by visiting us at, where you'll also discover details of our range of flexible payment options that make our learning even more cost-effective.

Alternatively, if you have any misgivings or want to understand more about what we offer, call our friendly experts by calling 1300 611 404. That said, if you'd prefer to email, send your inquiry to [email protected], and we'll reply as quickly as possible.

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