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When working in a management role in Australia, you can earn as much as $150k per year when you have experience under your belt, and the entry-level positions are pretty well-paid too (upwards of $90k)! The thing is, even those who are born with the abilities to be effective leaders also need to train - as there are lots of hard skills that need to be acquired.

Thankfully, business management courses online make developing the necessary organisational and leadership skills a much more convenient and affordable experience. These self-paced learning options offer a great alternative to a costly in-person full-time course at business school.

In this article, we closely examine these business management courses online to see their benefits, as well as how they help to shape effective managers for the future.

The Increasing Popularity of Business Management Courses Online

More and more Australian learners are choosing to enrol in online business courses because of the array of benefits that they offer. Empowering people to fulfill their management position dreams in a way that they fully control, OCA online learning allows you to more easily add to your skill set.

Irrespective of whether you’re looking to develop your professional skills for your own business or for a role you’re thinking of applying for, the benefits are many and varied.

  • Content that’s constantly updated to meet the needs of the modern business world

  • Course content that’s created with help from successful entrepreneurs

  • 1-to-1 mentoring from an experienced professional from your chosen sector

  • Highly engaging, bite-sized video modules make retaining knowledge easy

  • Learning about managing people online is super cost-effective

  • Flexibility to learn business skills when it suits you & your lifestyle

Rather than having to take many hours out of your working day and spend huge amounts of money for the privilege, OCA business management courses online help you develop the abilities needed for a successful management career.

How Business Management Courses Online Shape Future Leaders

Today’s competitive business landscape needs effective managers. Online business management courses play a vital role in shaping and preparing individuals to make the step up from being one of many team members to a leadership or management role.

Offering essential skills, practical insights and knowledge, online learning results in positive outcomes for all stakeholders. Businesses get increased access to management talent, and staff get to acquire new skills that will serve them well throughout their career.

Amongst the many topics taught in courses like these are:

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in effective management

  • Strategic planning, decision-Making & problem-solving

  • How to choose the right leadership style for your abilities

  • Enhancing interpersonal & communication skills

  • The fundamentals of business administration

  • The art of effective project management

  • Creating a business strategy

  • Effective time management

Naturally, OCA business management courses online are comprehensive in nature, and this is just a cross-section of the topics covered that allow new managers to excel in the modern business environment. Just because it’s online learning, does not mean that it’s inferior to in-person options.

How Online Learning Bridges the Gap Between Theory & Real-World Application

One aspect of training online for future business leaders is an obvious issue of real-world work experience. At first, it may seem like something of a deal-breaker, but frameworks exist that help to bridge the gap and offer valuable hands-on experience to complete the picture.

Simulations & hands-on exercises - working with your expert mentor gives online learners lots of real-world practice through exercises and simulations like role play and other innovative projects. Sure, it’s hard to replicate being in person, but even online, these techniques more than fill the gap that remote learning can sometimes present.

Industry insight from experts - you don’t have to be in person to gain the industry insight that work experience offers. The expert mentors that OCA online courses offer to every student offer this insight in spades, as well as giving you access to industry contacts to ensure you get to enjoy a successful career in management.

Exposure to industry trends - the modern business world is constantly evolving, meaning that text-based courses can quickly become outdated. Again, business management courses online deliver, as your expert mentor and student forums allow you to keep a watchful eye on current industry trends to ensure that you’re 100% prepared when in the job for real.

Let Your Career Soar With OCA Short Courses Online

Should you be wanting to move into management or progress in your current role, OCA’s CPD-endorsed, video-based short course learning represents the savvy learning option in Australia. Delivering unmatched flexibility and affordability, there’s no better way to boost your management skills and thrive in the professional world.

To learn more about studying with OCA, take a look at our Student Study Demo or to see our full library that covers over 20 different sectors, visit us today at There you’ll also discover our selection of flexible payment options to spread the cost.

Alternatively, to speak to us about your needs before enrolment on our management courses or anything else, our friendly team can be reached at 1300 611 404 or by email at

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