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Time is a slippery little critter. One minute, you have all the hours in the world ahead of you, perfectly planned and laid out, waiting to be filled with all kinds of learning and then…bam! They’re all gone and you’re no closer to finishing that assignment or ticking off a pile of to-do’s. If this is you right now, don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens to all of us. Life doesn’t stop being busy, even when something happens or study habits come to a screeching halt for a week or two. To help you get a hold on things, we’ve put together a short-list of five office-tested self-scheduling starters to sink your teeth into.

Pencil in Interruptions

Don’t you wish you could predict when and why you’ll be interrupted? Yes? Good news... you can! There will always be predictable distractions, often from friends and family, based on their habits and tendencies. Write it all down, from calls with Mum to regular appointments and sporting commitments, slotting in some extra time for stuff you can’t forsee.

Switch Off Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Buzzfeed, Youtube…with so many channels to read and view, it’s hard to believe we find time for anything else. Cat videos are hard to go past, we get it, especially when you’re in the procrastination zone, but turning switching off social media at the same time every day will get you into the habit of staying away from your favourite stream screens. It’s not forever, and it’s not all day, but study time signals the beginning of radio silence and the rest comes down to you… we know you’ve got it covered from here.

Get More Sleep

Tiredness can be hard to deny. You can’t control it, though you try, ignoring heavy lids and aching necks, determined to fit in more work, study or quality time… but you don’t do anything. Your energy is gone and your motivation dead. Our cure? More sleep. Seven to nine hours without the benefit of a phone screen to light the last ten minutes before you go to bed – the blue light really messes with your sleep cycle, producing the zombiefied feeling we all fight sometimes.

Cone of Silence

Despite what people may say, TV, music, movies and podcasts don’t focus your mind; they take your concentration away from what you should be doing. Unless you’ve been streaming Mozart, press pause on your noisy favourites and immerse yourself in coursework. Silence is sweet on its own, we promise.

Ask Yourself…

Do you need to sort out your DVD collection, clean-out your wardrobe or work on your computer… or are you stalling instead of studying? It’s normal. We all do it. Nailing down your go-to time wasters now will allow you to redirect your nervous energy into more important things the next time it happens – back yourself.

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