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Year 10 work experience is a lot of fun. From work experience in an advertising agency to a veterinary clinic, a film & broadcasting studio, a fitness centre or a school, there’s a role just for you. Work experience in Year 10 is your chance to step out of the classroom and into a real job to see what it’s all about! In this blog, we’re sharing a bunch of ideas to help you find a placement that matches your interests and gives you a taste of the working world.

What Are Some Year 10 Work Experience Ideas?

If You're Creative

  • Graphic Design: Get hands-on experience in a design studio or marketing agency.
  • Advertising: Learn about creating ad campaigns at an advertising agency.
  • Fashion Design: Help designers in fashion studios or boutiques.
  • Photography: Assist professional photographers or work in a photo studio.
  • Social Media / Marketing: Learn from creatives in marketing/advertising agencies. 

If You're Tech-Minded

  • Information Technology: Work with IT support teams or in tech departments.
  • Software Development: Learn coding and software development in a tech company.
  • Cybersecurity: Help protect data with cybersecurity professionals.
  • Robotics: Get involved with robots in labs or tech companies.

If You Like Helping People

  • Healthcare: Assist in hospitals, clinics, or aged care facilities.
  • Social Work: Work with community organisations or non-profits.
  • Education: Gain experience in schools or tutoring centres.
  • Counselling: Learn from counsellors or work in mental health support.

If You Like Film & TV

  • Film Production: Get involved with production companies or on set.
  • Broadcasting: Work in radio or television stations.
  • Animation: Assist in studios creating animated content.
  • Screenwriting: Learn from writers and assist in script development.

If You Like Working with Animals

If You Like Data & Numbers

  • Accounting: Work in accounting firms or finance departments.
  • Data Analysis: Assist data analysts in tech companies or research organisations.
  • Statistics: Work with statisticians in various fields like healthcare or sports.
  • Market Research: Gain experience with companies that specialise in consumer data and trends.

If You're Into Fitness & Health

  • Gym/Fitness Centre: Help trainers on the floor, and learn about exercise routines and gym management.
  • Sports Coaching: Help coaches with training sessions for local sports teams.
  • Nutritionist/Dietitian Office: Learn about healthy eating and assist with client consultations.
  • Physiotherapy Clinic: Observe physiotherapists and assist with patient exercises.

What is Year 10 Work Experience?

Year 10 work experience is a short-term placement where you spend time working with a business or organisation. It's a chance for you to step out of the classroom and into the real world, trying out a job to see what it's like. Think of it as a sneak peek into different careers, giving you a taste of what working life is all about. You might be helping out in an office, shadowing a professional, or even getting hands-on experience in a field that interests you.

Why Should You Do Year 10 Work Experience? 

There are so many great reasons to do work experience in Year 10! Here are a few:

  • Explore Careers: It’s a fantastic way to see what different jobs are really like. You might discover a new passion or confirm your interest in a particular field.
  • Gain Skills: You’ll pick up new skills that can help you in future jobs, like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Build Confidence: Being in a work environment can boost your confidence and help you feel more prepared for the future.
  • Make Connections: You’ll meet new people and start building a network that could help you with future job opportunities.
  • Enhance Your Resume: Having work experience on your resume looks great to future employers and can set you apart from others.

 How to Find Year 10 Work Experience Jobs

  • Identify Your Interests: Think about what you enjoy and what careers you might want to explore.
  • Talk to Your Teachers and Career Advisor: They can provide valuable advice and may have connections to help you find opportunities.
  • Ask Your Parents and Family: They might know someone in your area of interest or have ideas for placements.
  • Reach Out to Local Businesses: Contact local companies or organisations directly via email or phone to inquire about work experience opportunities.
  • Check Online Job Boards: Websites like SEEK, Indeed, or even community noticeboards often list work experience opportunities.
  • Network: Talk to friends and family. The more people you reach out to, the higher your chances of finding a great placement.
  • Be Proactive: Take the initiative to research and reach out to potential employers. A proactive approach shows enthusiasm and commitment!

Tips for Successful Year 10 Work Experience

  1. Choose Wisely: Pick a placement that genuinely interests you. It’s more enjoyable and you’ll get more out of it.
  2. Be Professional: Arrive on time, dress appropriately, and show respect to everyone you work with.
  3. Ask Questions: Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure about something. It shows you’re keen to learn.
  4. Take Notes: Write down what you do and learn each day. It helps you remember and reflect on your experience.
  5. Get Involved: Show enthusiasm and a willingness to help. You might get more opportunities to try different tasks.
  6. Stay Positive: Even if it’s not exactly what you expected, try to stay positive and make the most of the experience.
  7. Thank Your Employer: At the end of your placement, thank the people you worked with. A thank-you note can leave a lasting impression.

Remember, Year 10 work experience is a great opportunity to learn and grow. Enjoy it, and take in as much as you can!

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