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Do you have your heart set on a highly-rewarding career as a professional counsellor in Australia? If so, then you may be about to embark on a journey that opens up a wealth of career path options in a variety of different healthcare settings. You see, in the industry, you have a range of areas you can fulfil as a qualified counsellor, such as:

  • Mental health counselling - counselling people through mental illness & mental health issues alongside other mental health professionals
  • Telehealth services - providing online therapy via service providers like Samaritans
  • Face-to-face counselling - at a government or private practice
  • Relationship counselling - online or in-person therapy that helps people enjoy better relationships with spouses and other family members
  • Aged care counselling - helping the elderly deal with the challenges in later life, such as loss of freedom, bereavement and poor physical health.
  • School counselling - offering therapy sessions to school-age children to deal with the challenges that full-time education brings
  • Trauma counselling - mental healthcare that centres around overcoming traumatic events or periods in a person’s life
  • Family support counselling - helping families to work together and become a happier, better-functioning family unit.
  • As our blog on the subject shows, there is a difference between face-to-face therapy and counselling, as the latter deals with challenges that exist here and now. Training for this kind of role has traditionally been expensive and time-consuming - giving rise to the popularity of counselling courses online.

The Challenges Counselling Courses Online Overcome

There’s no doubt that qualifications in counselling open up many career doors, but if you’ve done any research into it, you may be aware of the aspect of affordability. Training to help people restore good mental health and live happier lives has traditionally been very expensive.

A bachelor’s degree, postgraduate or master’s degree in counselling & psychotherapy can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and take 3-4 years to complete. The same can be said of TAFE training, with a Diploma of Counselling also taking a lot of time and cash to engage with.

Counselling Courses Online Represent a Great Option

If you’re after an altogether more convenient and affordable professional development option, then counselling courses online like our Aged Care, Counselling & Community Courses fit the bill. This kind of online learning was the only option available during the pandemic, but the many benefits it offers have made it more popular than ever.

Online counselling courses offer:

Flexibility & Convenience

If you happen to live in one of Australia’s many remote areas or you lead a super-busy lifestyle, it’s not always convenient to engage in further learning. However, all OCA online courses circumvent this problem easily, with each video module able to be taken whenever you like and wherever you have an internet connection.

Access to Quality Education

Our online counselling courses feature content that’s created in collaboration with top industry experts, with our CPD-endorsed options offering industry-recognised qualifications. Allowing you to access a diverse range of specializations and further development, it’s an option that more than stands up in terms of educational quality.


Compared to in-person learning, online counselling courses often have much lower tuition fees, meaning it’s easier on the pocket. The affordability factor is boosted even more by the lack of need for commuting to your training, accommodation and other associated costs. We’ve even got flexible payment options to spread the already low cost.

An Enhanced Learning Experience

When you take one of our short courses, you get an enhanced learning experience that employs a range of advanced technology. Multimedia resources, video-calling and other interactive aspects allow you to engage with the topic in a highly stimulating way - something that’s given added depth by your own 1-to-1 expert mentor and community forums.

Preparing You For the Digital Age

It’s important to have an action plan when embarking on a counselling career, and online counselling courses help to prepare you for the increasingly digital world we live in. Along with allowing you to study at your own pace, online counselling courses utilise a range of different virtual technologies - something you’ll need to become familiar with as time moves on, particularly as online counselling is also gaining in popularity.

Enjoy a Successful Career in Counselling With an OCA Counselling Course

Counselling courses online represent an evolution in professional development, making the whole process affordable, convenient and stress-free. Our Counselling Career Sampler is a great example of this and offers a chance to dip your toe into the subject and test the water. It’s easy to arrange each CPD-endorsed module around your lifestyle, too, as you’re in complete control.

Our full course library covers not just counselling but also 20+ different industries - something you can see for yourself by visiting us today at Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us directly, call 1300 611 404 or email [email protected].

Also, before you go, have you seen OCA’s new Job Portal called Careers By Online Courses Australia? You can sign up for free job alerts and enjoy direct links to local and national employers! Check it out today and enjoy the doors it opens for you!

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