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Working with animals is one of Australia's most sought-after career choices - evidenced by the popularity of our vet nurse and dog grooming courses. As a vet nurse, you're working on the front line, helping animals in distress and supporting their owners in their care. It's excellent to work but comes with challenges, just like any professional role.

Are Vet Nurses In Demand In Australia? 

That would be an understatement, as Australia's veterinary industry is crying out for skilled and compassionate vet nurses. Australia is one of the world's most significant pet-loving populations, with around 60% of households owning at least one animal. The trend is undoubtedly upward for the vet nurse industry in Oz, with the sector expected to grow by 15% by 2026.

So, How Can I Be A Better Veterinary Nurse Once I'm Qualified?

As experienced Vet nurses, they'll tell you that the first year you spend in practice will likely be the most challenging in terms of your development plan for the job. It will almost certainly also be highly rewarding, so you'll want to do everything you can to be a success. With this in mind, we now look at seven helpful tips to allow you to do precisely that.

  • Tip #1 - Learn the art of prioritisation 

As a vet nurse, you'll get given a lot of different tasks during your day. Some tasks - like feeding - are going to be more important than others, so you'll need to know the difference. Don't worry too much, though, as it's something you will pick up.

  • Tip #2 - Never, ever assume anything

There may be things that crop up in your role that aren't covered on your vet nurse online learning  from time to time, but when that happens, you should never assume anything. Always, always, always ask someone if you're not sure.

  • Tip #3 - Be compassionate…always

Across your career, you'll have good days and bad, but you can't let it affect how compassionate you are. You're there to support pets and their owners, so if you have a bad day, try and cast your mind back to why you took this career path.

  • Tip #4 - Get a good pair of shoes

One thing you can hang your hat on as a vet nurse is that you'll spend much of your day on your feet. That's why you should get a good pair of shoes supporting your feet and back, which unfortunately means comfort over style!

  • Tip #5 - Never stop learning

Just because you've completed the first part of your development plan  doesn't mean you should stop studying. Taking CPD-Endorsed short courses online  is a great way to develop professionally and broaden your career horizons. 

  • Tip #6 - Be sociable

Getting to know your colleagues is vital to fitting into your team smoothly. You shouldn't hide away outside of work, so if someone asks you to come out socially, go and enjoy yourself, as your career will benefit you (so long as you don't overdo it).

  • Tip #7 - Own up to your mistakes

No one at your new practice expects you to be perfect at everything - it's an unreasonable ask. You will make mistakes sooner or later; when you do, own up to them. Please don't be ashamed, and try to cover it up. It's all part of the learning process.

Enjoy the journey as you navigate your first year as a professional vet nurse. You'll have your ups and downs, but if you follow these basic principles, you give yourself the best chance of fitting in and succeeding.

Expand Your Career Horizons With OCA Vet Nursing Courses Online 

If you're an aspiring vet nurse looking for a resource to help your career, you should look no further than online learning  with OCA. Our CPD-Endorsment courses offer a truly convenient experience that makes gaining new skills a cinch, with the digital badges it provides looking great on your resume.

Courses like those in our great value Job Ready Vet Nurse Bundle contain industry-led content that's super-relevant to what's needed in the role and delivered in an engaging and immersive way. It’s why our students see ours as the best online courses Australia  has to offer.

To get a closer look, watch our short Student Study Demo that tells you everything you need to know or visit us online at where you'll find a course library that covers more than 20 different industries, as well as details of how every student gets 1-to-1 mentoring.

Alternatively, if you'd like to talk to us directly about your unique learning needs, call 1300 611 404 or email We’ll get back to you as soon as possible when we get your inquiry.

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