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Becoming a makeup artist is one of the most exciting and varied careers there is - evidenced by the fact that short courses in makeup are more popular than ever. Offering careers in salons, the fashion industry or even in TV &  movie special effects - there are certainly a lot of rewards available to those with the ambition and drive to succeed. 

How Can I become A Well-Paid Makeup Artist?

Well, to be honest, anyone taking professional makeup courses stands to enjoy a good salary, with average hourly rates starting at an impressive $56. There’s lots of scope for increasing that, especially as you add more techniques and experience to your skillset and your reputation grows.

Is 30+ Too Old To Train And Start A Career In Makeup Artistry?

Maybe in the past, but not anymore, as people are no longer prejudged just because they are old. Of course, you’re often stood up all day, so there’s a level of fitness required, but other than that, it’s never too late to create a new personal development plan  and career path.

However, you started reading for some great professional makeup tips, so let’s start with them. 

  • Pro Makeup Tip #1 - Get Lit From Within!

Beauty courses often cover what’s on trend, and being ‘lit from within’ certainly qualifies right now. This essentially means letting your natural beauty shine through, and you can do this by applying bronzer, highlighter, and cream blush UNDERNEATH as a foundation. This will give you a natural lift, but you have to ensure you use a lightweight foundation.

  • Pro Makeup Tip #2 - Don’t Go Over the Top With HD Powder

HD setting powders are all the rage right now, too, as they help the wearer to look fabulous under harsh photographic lights. However, they contain silica, so you don’t want to go overboard or look shinier than you meant to! Simply use them over your T-zone or where you’re prone to oiliness, and you won’t have this issue. 

  • Pro Makeup Tip #3 - Remember to Follow Colour Theory!

You’ll definitely learn colour theory when taking makeup short courses online-a concept vital to a great application. Visualised as a ‘Colour Wheel’, you’ll see that colours on opposite sides of it complement each other rather well. If you don’t use this helpful guide, you can end up with an unbalanced result. 

  • Pro Makeup Tip #4 - Thin Eyebrow Brush-Strokes Look More Natural

As beauty courses online show us when your eyebrow hair is a little on the sparse side (as can happen after years of plucking!) thin pencil strokes are able to mimic the look of natural hairs. With a small brush used at an angle, you should perform sparing strokes in the same direction that your hairs usually grow. Et voila!

  • Pro Makeup Tip #5 - Highlighting Those Big Beautiful Eyes!

Even when you’ve got smaller eyes, you can conceal this fact with clever eyeshadow placement. Try not to use darker shades over the lid area and focus on using a nude pencil for your eye rims and applying lighter colours in the inner corners of the eyes. Complement this by applying colour to the crease area and blending in an upward motion toward the brow’s front.

Start Your Makeup Artist Career With Online Beauty Courses With Online Courses Australia

These certainly are some great tips, and you’ll undoubtedly learn many more on your way to becoming a pro. Short courses online from OCA will also help to progress your makeup artist career more quickly. They’re CPD-endorsed, created with the help of top industry experts and can be paid for, if required, in manageable instalments.

Our makeup courses (just like all of the short courses we offer covering 20+ industries) are video-based for a stimulating, next-level learning journey and even come with dedicated tutor support. If you’d like to know more about this or anything else, just visit us today online at

Alternatively, if, prior to enrolling, you have any questions about our professional training, we’re more than happy to give you the answers you need. Call us on 1300 611 404, and we’ll happily oblige.

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