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If you are taking Tafe makeup courses online it won’t be long until you understand that you don’t get flawless skin without working hard for it. It takes time, dedication, the proper skincare routine, and knowledge of how to use makeup cleverly. In a sense, that’s what we look at here today as we offer you five hacks that might just give you the perfect complexion you crave.

Stare in the makeup mirror for long enough, and anyone can find imperfections in their skin, particularly as we’re our worst critics! However, we’re focusing on making you look incredible to other people, which should be that much easier by reading to the end. So let’s dig in, after which we’ll tell you about online makeup courses that make learning simple and convenient job for Mums and beyond! 

Hack #1 - Your Skin Needs Will Change Daily

One thing you need to understand about skin is that problem areas can change daily. Some days you might have a puffy appearance, whereas others might have more redness or even dreaded breakouts. So, if you want to truly offer an ‘everyday routine’, it needs to account for this, so mix it up and use the appropriate approach for your skin’s feeling.

Hack #2 - Make Your Shade Matching Is Correct

The thing about skin is that it’s not the same colour everywhere, so using one shade of foundation might not be the best idea. By adequately looking at yourself in the mirror and applying perhaps a couple of different shades of foundation with your makeup brushes, you have a much better chance of achieving a natural look.

Hack #3 - Get Creative With a Quality Concealer

You’ll find lots of makeup-based online course training that espouses the use of concealer for all skin issues - because it’s just so versatile. Aim for a good quality brand, though, as you’ll typically find that it offers much better results, allowing you to cover up any number of sins, from dark circles to deep lines to acne breakouts.

Hack #4 - Use the Best Tools For the Job

Another part of achieving flawless skin, according to good online makeup courses, is ensuring that you’re applying makeup with the right tools. For instance, makeup brushes allow products to be used faster, whereas fingers are often best for blending. The basic rule here is to know which tools work best for which type of makeup and stick to them.

Hack #5 - Moisturiser Is Your #1 Prepping Solution

No matter which makeup looks you're aiming to achieve, a single principle applies to them all - prep is vital. Before a stroke of makeup has been used, you should ALWAYS create a healthy base for your foundation with a good quality moisturiser that will act as an effective primer. Unlike some dedicated primers that block sebum, a good moisturiser will give your skin a healthy inner glow when used in this way.

Online Makeup Courses  From OCA - The Flexible Way to Learn

Makeup application is an art that calls for considerable knowledge for consistent results to be achieved. The excellent news for anyone starting their beauty career is that online makeup courses like our Makeup Fundamentals represent the easiest and most flexible way to learn. CPD-approved and created in collaboration with industry experts, there’s no better and more stimulating way to learn professional skills.

If you’d like to know more about how training our courses have 24/7 live chat support, one-to-one tutoring and offer an immersive learning experience, simply visit us today at Alternatively, to speak to us about your personal training needs and how we can find solutions for them, call us on 1300 611 404, and we'll be happy to oblige.

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