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Spend some time working through an online makeup course; it will soon become evident that there’s a difference between knowing how to get results in theory and putting them into practice. Industry pros tend to know exactly how to get amazing makeup looks for their clients. So today, we’ll be tapping into a few pro tips on looking incredible.

By reading on, you’ll get some great tips on how to use your makeup kit to create magic! You’ll also find out that a makeup course from OCA is a fantastic way to get the skills you need for a long and enjoyable career as a professional. So, if you’ve got your notepad and pen nearby, get ready for some useful tips from the guys who’ve been there and done it in the beauty industry.

 Tip #1 - A Natural Look Proves Less Is More!:

There’s an industry term that you’ll learn early on when joining the profession that goes something like ‘Lit from within’. This alludes to the fact that a natural look that accentuates your inner beauty is always preferable to plying thickly on makeup. 

So, when aiming for a great look for your clients, do what the free online courses say and try to be sparing with the layers you apply while using ‘glow’ products and highlighters to bring out and amplify their natural assets.

 Tip #2 - Start With the Eyes:

One of the best features to bring out in anyone is the eyes because, as they say, ‘they’re the window to the soul’. Ok, so we’re not getting all philosophical here, but it is true that when you accentuate this area with eye makeup, it can be quite messy. And by starting with the eye area, you won’t get any of it on areas you’ve already finished.

Tip #3 - The Right Foundation Colour Is Essential:

It may seem like quite an obvious tip to ensure that the chosen foundation makeup looks closely matched to your client’s natural skin tone, but you’d be surprised how many people get this part wrong. You don’t want it to look like they've got a ‘mask’ on, so you need to use natural light and test the foundation on the side of the neck.

Even someone who’s taken an advanced makeup course still needs sufficient light to accurately distinguish skin tones, so if a job’s worth doing…

Tip #4 - Use Neutral-tone Eyeshadows:

Of course, certain eye colours and skin tones lend themselves to specific eyeshadow hues; however, if you want to be sure of getting a sophisticated yet subtle look, go for neutral tones. When covering dark circles, pink or peach concealers can be really effective, with a truly flattering look when you choose a brown shade darker than the client’s natural skin colour.

Tip #5 - Brow Makeup Can Make All the Difference:

So, we know that eye makeup plays a big part in creating a beautiful look, but then again, so can what you do with the brow area. When done correctly, they help to frame the face, but you need to be careful to do it in a natural-looking way. You’ve got to aim for an even shading overall, rather than focusing on each hair, so it’s more about shading the skin.

When you focus on trying to colour the brow hair, but not the skin underneath, it can end up looking a bit ‘drawn on’, so avoid it if you can. 

Boost Your Skills With an OCA Makeup Course  Today!

Even after analysing these five aspects of creating professional makeup looks, it’s clear that it’s a proper art form that takes time and dedication to master. However, learning these skills is so much easier when taking an online makeup course with OCA, as ours are video-based and modular, meaning they can be taken at your own pace and offer an immersive experience. 

Our Makeup Fundamentals course is just like all the training we offer at OCA, in that it’s CPD-Endorsed and comes with 24/7 live chat support and one-to-one mentoring. To find out why it’s unlike any professional training you may have taken before, why not visit us today at

Alternatively, if there’s anything you're not sure about or you simply want to talk to us before enrolling in any of our courses that cover 20+ industries, give us a call on 1300 611 404, and we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

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