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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be very calculated and meticulous, while others appear to be impulsive and decisive?

Research shows that people have four basic personality styles. Those are Analysers, Drivers, Promoters, andSupporters. When blended together in varying percentages, they make you who you are. These styles help define the way you act, think, learn, socialise and behave.

More importantly, they can also help you determine what sort of career you are best suited to, and knowing what your personality style is, how you can most effectively go about becoming qualified for a career.

When it comes to making decisions, Supporters are cautious, and like to review things before committing, whereas Promoters are more enthusiastic and ready to jump on board. Regardless of how tough a task is, or the commitment required, those of you who are Promoters like to dive in headfirst. On the other hand, theSupporters among you are likely to research and discover what others have said before they make a decision themselves.

Analysers are somewhat similar to Supporters, but are even more studious and calculated, taking the time to assess ALL the possibilities that may be related to making a decision.

And finally, Drivers are those of you who like take things on board regardless of the challenge it presents. Drivers enjoy being first, getting in early, and doing things sooner rather than later.

Take choosing to studying online for example.

Supporters like to see what's been written and said before.

To help make a decision, Supporters are likely to try and find course reviews, information on tutors, and success stories. You will read up on what you can, and make your decision based on others’ experiences – the same way some people like to read film reviews before deciding whether or not to see a movie. Supporters are realists who know that you shouldn’t try to deal with more than you can handle, but you also find it hard to say ‘no’ when someone needs a helping hand. When it comes to online study, you may need to put yourself first, so as to best tackle the task at hand.

Diving headlong into things is just how Promoters like it.

Promoters are those who are likely to be the ones actually writing the course reviews the Supporters read. You’re the ones who are motivated to try new things because they seem fun and interesting, and then tell others about your experiences, good and bad. Promoters need to make sure that if the excitement of a new course begins to fade, that you are dedicated and committed enough to sacrifice your social life and channel your energy towards study. But just because something is tough, doesn’t mean that reaching your end goal can’t be fun and exciting itself!

Analysers love to do research.

Like Supporters, Analysers will take into account other peoples’ views, but will also research all of the empirical evidence they can find. You will be inclined to discover a course’s completion rate, how much time you will have to devote to completing the course, and try and predict any unforeseen obstacles. Because of your disciplined, systematic nature, Analysers often do well in online study.
Drivers are determined to be first in.

Drivers often prioritise the outcome of completing the course, over the actual requirements to doing the course. You don’t necessarily think everything through first, and being impulsive means that you can sometimes bite off more than you can chew. This means that those who are Drivers should perhaps pay careful consideration (for a change!) to the requirements of undertaking online study. Not that it means that you should be deterred, but simply that you should step back, take a deep breath, and think about how you should best tackle the course requirements.

Each personality type has it’s own set of corresponding traits that help define what kind of a person you are when it comes to things like studying, motivation, planning, and communication.

Do you think you know what kind of career type you are? You may not necessarily fall into one specific group, but are in fact, a combination of the different personalities.

To find out if you are right with your prediction and what career you are best suited to, you can take our simple online personality test here.


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