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If you're interested in working in the elderly care field, knowing what to expect will ultimately make your mind up, one way or the other. An elderly care course opens you up to an incredibly rich and diverse range of roles to choose from. 

Some workplaces may be happy with your resume showcasing short courses or Micro-Credentials, or you may need to study a more extensive course, diploma or higher cert. It is important you assess your career aspirations and evaluate the specific skills and expertise you need to help you choose the most suitable education path that aligns with your goals and ensure you are equipped with the qualifications for a successful aged-care career.

What Is Elderly Care Like In Australia? 

Across Australia, seniors are cared for in care home facilities and their own homes in the case of domiciliary nursing. As working with the elderly courses show, assistance is provided with everyday living, depending on the needs of the individual. Everything is offered to offer as close to everyday life as possible.

What Are The Different Types Of Elder Care Services? 

Many government-funded aged care services are available to help Australians maintain a good quality of life as they age. The variety of services available to the elderly in Australia (that currently make up 16% of the population and continues to grow) break down as follows:

Aged Care In The Home

To maintain the patient’s independence as much as possible, care is often provided in the familiar surroundings of their own home. Assistance is provided with aspects like personal care, housework, shopping, meal preparation and social activities. Being able to stay home typically results in greater contentment. 

Residential Care In Aged Care (Nursing) Homes

As Tafe's courses in elderly care teach, residential care is provided to those who can no longer live at home. It’s provided when there is a need for ongoing care with everyday and personal care. This option can be taken on a permanent basis or as part of short-term respite care. 

Short-term Care (such as after-hospital and respite care)

Short-term care can help you to improve your well-being and independence or get back on your feet after a hospital stay. After months without one, it can also give you or your carer a break. These short-term services can be provided in the home, aged care home or the community.

The Available Aged Care Government Subsidies  

Should someone need financial assistance to make use of elderly care services, Australian Government subsidies exist for:

  • After-hospital or transition care
  • Support for up to 12 weeks after a stay in the hospital
  • Short-term restorative care
  • Support for up to 8 weeks to help improve your well-being and independence
  • Respite care - Support for a few hours, days or longer to give you or your carer a break

As a professional engaging in online elderly care training as part of your personal development plan with a view to entering the aged care sector, your work can be varied and rewarding. As such, it’s an industry that appeals to many.

Learn Aged Care Skills The Easy Way With Online Training From OCA

Regarding job satisfaction, there are perhaps no more appealing roles than those available in aged care. The great thing is that learning the necessary skills and knowledge is cheap, affordable and more accessible than ever, thanks to CPD Endorsed video-based, online training from OCA.

Want to know what sets our learning experience apart? Take a look at our student study demo and see for yourself. Or why not visit us at, where you’ll find training that covers over 20 industries and easy payment options that make our training even cheaper!

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We are excited to discuss your education journey and course options!

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