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Anyone considering a group fitness instructor role over the coming years is joining a dynamic industry with a bright future. The sector is expected to expand by just under 10% over the next five years, meaning opportunities for thousands more people. The question you should be asking yourself is, "is this the right path for me?"

We say that because everyone is different, and what's good for one person might not be suitable for the next. So, come with us now as we explore the work you’ll do, what you're earning potential looks like, and what training is involved in getting there.

What Is The Role Of A Group Fitness Instructor? 

While your primary duties will be carrying out group exercise classes inside and outdoors, your support extends further. As part of your regular responsibilities in the position, you may also be:

  • Instruction on the safe/proper use of fitness equipment
  • Creating fitness programs for clients to follow
  • Maintaining/cleaning exercise equipment
  • Reporting accidents

Your job also involves providing motivation and guidance to your clients - particularly when the going gets tough, so you'll need to work on that side of your interpersonal skills.

Can You Make Money As A Group Fitness Instructor? 

You can, yes! You can expect to earn as much as $75k per year at the outset, which is not to be sniffed at! Many people are drawn to fitness roles like these because of the work involved, but it's nice to know that you’ll be very well compensated for your work.

This is a figure that rises with the time spent in the sector, too. After a few years and more experience under your belt as a group fitness instructor, you can look forward to earning anywhere between $97k-$122k per year, depending on who you work for.

How Do I Become A Group Fitness Instructor In Australia? 

Your options are Certificate III in Fitness or Certificate IV in Fitness with an RTO or TAFE. 

Getting yourself First Aid Training is also a great idea, as you never know if and when one of your clients will have some kind of medical emergency or injury. Many employers insist upon first aid training due to its importance. 

Supplementing Your Career With Micro-Learning 

There are also several options to consider before and during your new career as a group fitness instructor. The truth is that while your TAFE course will be comprehensive in terms of the content provided, it won’t cover absolutely everything. That’s why short courses like OCA's Fitness, Health & Nutrition one are so popular.

Like any other industry, fitness changes over time, and this kind of supplementary learning can be extremely useful in helping you adapt and retrain to create new opportunities for yourself. Moreover, this incredibly convenient, affordable, and flexible learning option can also be used to prepare yourself for TAFE training. As such, it's something you should consider.

So, if you're considering training to enjoy all the benefits of being a group fitness instructor in Australia, engaging in CPD-endorsed, video-based online learning from OCA is the best way to ensure your success. Able to be taken at a time, location, and pace that suits you, each video module can be consumed conveniently via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Forget everything you know about traditional text-based learning, as this is entirely different. This is an immersive, captivating learning experience you can get a better feel for by watching our short Student Study Demo. In it, you’ll find 1-to-1 mentoring for every student and a learning platform that proactively encourages lifelong learning. 

To see our entire course library, which covers 20+ industries, you should visit us today at where you’ll discover a range of easy payment plans that allow you to spread the cost. Our courses are already available at a great price, but these plans make our learning even more affordable and accessible to ambitious Australians.

If you want to speak to us before enrolment, our team will oblige. All you need to do is call 1300 611 404 during business hours or drop us a line at [email protected] at all other times. No matter when we get your inquiry, we’ll work hard to give you the answers you need.

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