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Thanks largely to convenience foods and the way modern people live, more than 30% of the Western world are now clinically obese. This was the case before all the coronavirus lock-downs which have only made the problems worse by restricting how active people are.

Another 30% of the population are overweight, which means that only ⅓ are within the healthy weight range and the need for fitness coaches is greater than ever. People are crying out for skilled professionals who can help with the motivation to help boost their energy and lose those excess pounds.

A career in the fitness industry can be extremely rewarding, as you help others to regain their vitality and joy of life. The happiness generated when someone is confident and happy in their own skin is something to behold and when you know that you helped to make it happen, it’s quite something.

The question is, is it a profession that suits you? What exactly would you get out of it? Well, that’s precisely what we look at here, as we offer 7 compelling reasons why getting into the industry is a good vocational move for many across the country.

Reason #1 - The Job Naturally Helps You to Get Fit

One major barrier cited by many people who love being fit is the fact that when you have a regular job, finding the time to get down the gym is difficult. When you pursue a career as a fitness coach or a personal trainer, however, you pretty much live at the gym, meaning that you get to meet your own fitness goals much more easily.

When your role involves helping others to get fit and toned, you can work on your own fitness in between clients and when you’re in good shape yourself, it says a lot of the services you offer. Clients seeing your toned physique will want the same for themselves and you’ll soon become a sought-after professional. 

Reason #2 - You Get to Make a Real Difference to Your Clients

Some people are motivated by salary and some are drawn into a line of work for what the job involves and whilst fitness coaches are quite well paid in Australia, it’s the difference you get to make to people’s lives that’s often the most attractive part of the role. As a personal trainer, you get to make life-altering changes to the way people live and feel about themselves.

When you have a career in the fitness industry, the job you do helps people to regain their vitality and enjoy life more. Your customers will get to have more energy to play with their children, pursue their own work ambitions, have fun and be more confident about how they look. 

Good personal trainers get to make this difference over and over again and you’ll get lots of personal thanks for helping them make the changes they couldn’t achieve on their own. Its a big part of the job that shouldn’t be ignored, as it’s work that’s about as rewarding as it gets.

Reason #3 - It’s a Work That Doesn’t Feel Like Work

There are many jobs that very much feel like you’re ‘at work’ and that you’re only there to earn money to pay your bills. However, the reality of a career in fitness is a working life that for most feels much less like labour and more like a labour of love.

The truth is that if you’re interested in being a personal trainer, you’re likely already to be a fan of training and keep-fit, so you basically get paid for doing something that you love. You can pursue your passion, as well as being rewarded financially for the work you do for others.

In addition to this, the relationships you build with your clients will often leave you feeling like you’re simply providing fitness advice about form, technique and nutrition to a friend. Those who get to enjoy their work are lucky and when employed in a personal fitness role, there’s a good possibility you could be one of them.

Reason #4 - It’s Low-Stress, High-Satisfaction Work

Being a fitness trainer is said to be one of the top 20 careers available in Australia and one of the main reasons for this is its low-stress nature. You mainly act as a mentor, as your clients will know that the onus is actually on them to eat healthily and get the utmost out of the exercise routine you help to create for them.

Despite being centred around exercise, there’s a surprisingly low amount of personal fitness needed to carry out the role, as the support and advice you give to your clients is much less important than your own physical performance. Of course, as we mentioned, it helps your cause if you are fit yourself, as your clients will likely have more respect for you as a trainer, but it’s not always necessary.

Reason #5 - You Get to Work to Your Own Timetable

If you’re the sort of person who hates the 9-5, Monday to Friday routine, a career as a fitness trainer could be the ideal thing for you, as you get to enjoy complete flexibility around when you work and when you don’t. Sure, you’ll have to cater for your client's needs in terms of scheduling, but it’s still mainly up to you when you provide your services.

Of course, there are some roles within the fitness industry sphere that require you to work a set amount of hours per week at a set time, and if this suits you, then great. However, if you want control over your own work-life balance, being an independent personal fitness coach will give you precisely what you want as you are in charge of your diary.

Reason #6 - It’s a Secure Profession to Be In

There aren’t that many jobs these days that you could say are exceptionally secure, but a career in fitness does represent one of them. Other lines of work are affected by outsourcing, market fluctuations and automation. However, when you provide one-to-one fitness advice, there’s nothing that can really replace what you do - even when taking smartphone apps into consideration.

What’s more, the fitness industry is growing, not shrinking, and people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to remain fit the key element people are willing to pay for is the motivation and inspiration that you provide. Do your job well, and you’ll never be short of referrals from clients that you have helped.

Reason #7 - You Get to Throw Your Shirt & Tie in the Bin!

Are there many people out there that actually like wearing stuffy work clothes? Sure, there might be some, but most people would rather wear clothes they feel comfortable in and as a personal fitness coach, you get to do just that. Suit trousers, ties and pencil skirts are far from being comfortable for the average person, but you’ll get to wear the gear you want all of the time.

Most days a t-shirt and a pair of shorts are all that’s required for a fitness trainer, as it’s what most of your clients will be wearing too. Join the growing number of fitness professionals in Australia, and you’ll be able to throw your office clothes in the bin for good!

Get the Training You Need Online With OCA

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why a career in fitness is a good move, as it provides flexibility, rewarding day-to-day working life in an industry that’s growing all the time. What’s more, we haven’t even mentioned the fact that fitness trainers can earn upwards of $50k per year, so it’s perhaps not a surprise that it’s an increasingly popular career choice.

The good news is that if you want to work in the fitness sector, you can actually get all the training you need online. This means that you can get qualified around your current work commitments and be enjoying a new, fulfilling career before you know it. At Online Courses Australia we offer a range of online training for those wanting work in the industry; you can discover all our fitness courses here.

If you would like to know more about the online courses we offer over a wide array of industries, why not visit us at where you’ll find everything you need to know. There you’ll also find details about what each course involves and how you can spread payments to make things easier in terms of cost.

There’s a wealth of opportunity out there in the burgeoning Australian fitness market, but you need the skills to take advantage of it. Enrol with OCA today, and you too could soon be enjoying a job that doesn’t feel like work. If you have any questions that you need answered before you sign up, please feel free to contact our friendly team of experts at 1300 611 404. 

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