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If you're considering working towards a personal trainer career in Australia, we're here to tell you it’s a wise move, as it's an industry expected to be worth $600m a year by 2026. So, if you can complete the relevant personal training courses online successfully, you've got a lot of exciting opportunities ahead to look forward to.

While physical fitness techniques are central to this role, it's not the only thing you must consider. As a modern-day fitness pro, you must deeply understand nutrition to provide your clients with an all-encompassing service.

Why is nutrition important for fitness?

Physical condition is important, sure. However, it's impossible to achieve if you cannot provide the necessary fuel for your endeavours. Not only will a lack of nutrition leave a person feeling lethargic as they train, but it also decreases muscle massic and bone density.

As the best personal training courses online show, poor nutrition increases recovery time and the likelihood of getting injured or sick. The great news is that you can get all the knowledge you need from OCA via courses designed for success.

The Benefits of OCA's Personal Training & Nutrition Business Bundle

At OCA, we offer everything you need for success as a personal training professional in fitness and nutrition. Our Personal Training & Nutrition Business Bundle is a great value course option that covers an incredible 38 different topics. As well as learning how to run a small fitness business, the training provided is comprehensive.

As you can see by looking at our full range of fitness-related courses, there are individual courses for both fitness and nutrition, but this bundle gives you two personal training courses online for the price of one. Once you've completed them both, you’ll be ready to start working on the job for real!

Let's take a brief (not exhaustive) summary of what each module of your training provides:

Module 1 (Nutrition)

  • Basic nutritional principles
  • Nutrition before, during & after exercise
  • Assessing a person's existing diet
  • Writing meal plans
  • Intermittent fasting/carb loading
  • Health supplement basics
  • Ketogenic diets

 Module 2 (Running a Fitness Business)

  • Starting your Business with the End in Mind
  • Managing your Clients
  • Operating a Small Fitness Business
  • Running a Successful Business Day-to-Day
  • Insurance and Registration Requirements for your Personal Training Business
  • Marketing Your Personal Training Business
  • Understanding Finance for the Fitness Professional

 Module 3 (Fitness)

  • Assessing Client Fitness Levels
  • Biomechanics for Strength and Conditioning
  • Circuit Training
  • Developing Exercise Programs
  • Exercise Considerations for Specific Population Groups
  • Gym Equipment Use and Maintenance
  • Health Screening and Referral Process

The foundational pillars of your personal trainer career are provided by these awesome-value personal training courses online. You get an excellent grounding in; a) fitness techniques, b) nutritional knowledge, and c) the mechanics of running a business. Of course, you may choose to become employed rather than be a business owner, but the knowledge provided here will still serve you well.

Want to know something even better? Every single one of our courses comes with a 1-to-1 expert mentor. This is someone with invaluable experience working in the industry and who helped put the course content together to make it relevant. Complementing what you learn with OCA, your mentor can give you many great tidbits to help you get ahead.

Thrive in Your Career With OCA Personal Training Courses Online

At OCA, our short courses represent an evolution in professional learning. Our training is video-based (for easy consumption) and created to offer an immersive student experience. With just an internet-connected smartphone, tablet or PC, you can get your learning in when you have 10 minutes, meaning time is no longer an obstacle.

What do we mean by an evolution in learning? If you look at our Student Study Demo, you’ll see that we offer a platform that actively promotes further learning. Featuring AI that suggests additional and complementing content, you become a much more rounded professional than you would be engaging in traditional text-based courses.

Also, our personal training courses online represent just one of more than 20 different sectors covered by our full library. You can see it for yourself by visiting us today at Don't forget to explore our flexible payment options, making our already affordable prices even more accessible.

So, if you’d like to talk to us about anything discussed here or anything else relating to your training needs, call our friendly team today on 1300 611 4040. Alternatively, email us at [email protected], and we’ll reply as quickly as possible.

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