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In Australian society, there are currently 3.8 million people who have reached retirement age, having lived long and fruitful lives. It goes without saying that seniors are just like everyone else, in that they have hopes, dreams and fears and as counselling courses teach us, talking with someone can absolutely help to make sense of things. 

In this article, we look at the benefits of regular counselling for the elderly, which are many and varied. We’ll also touch upon how a flexible online course can represent the key to a long and rewarding career counselling people through their problems, but let’s start by examining the ways in which regular contact with someone who listens can be of great benefit.

Treating Depression Without Medication

When people get depressed, doctors often prescribe antidepressants to combat it. However, they often come with some unpleasant side effects. Counselling or ‘talking therapy’ represents a non-medicated way to help seniors overcome depression - something that affects roughly 15% of those over 65. By providing a way to get things ‘off their chest’, the boost to mental well-being can be significant.

Helping People to Accept Change

As people age, they naturally become less independent, and things they once had are lost, which can be hard to accept. Counselling courses show us that big changes like this can be tough to adjust to, notably when living arrangements are altered, but regular counselling can provide perspective and a philosophical view that helps people to feel more connected to what they still have.

Keeping Focused on Positivity 

Solitude is quite common for seniors, which can lead people to get stuck in their own bubble where everything is negative. An external viewpoint can be crucial in situations like this, allowing the person in question to see things more positively and shake feelings of negativity. Regardless of age or circumstance, this can be an issue for anyone cut off from society. 

Overcoming the Effects of Trauma

You don't need to be educated to understand that people of a certain age will likely lose lifelong companions, whether talking about friends or spouses. Losing people close to you can be incredibly traumatic, and when left to fester inside, the effects can be profound. However, counselling sessions offer an opportunity to help them see value in their life now, rather than focusing entirely on the past.

Enjoy a Rewarding Career With Flexible Counselling Courses

The work that counsellors do with the elderly in Australia is extremely important, as they provide advice, guidance and sometimes, simply someone to talk to. If you could see yourself as a professional in the counselling industry, the good news is that flexible counselling courses can help you get the knowledge you need at your own pace to get started. 

Our Introduction to Relationship Counselling course is like all of our training in that it’s CPD-approved, created in collaboration with industry experts and video-based, making it so much more stimulating and engaging. You can find out more about this and all of our courses that cover over 20 different industries, simply by visiting us at 

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to us directly about your online training needs, call our friendly team of advisors on 1300 611 404, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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