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There are two types of students in this world - those who rise with the sun, do a nice big stretch and begin the day with short courses online, a cup of coffee and a textbook, while others prefer to wait until the sun sets, have a quick dinner and cracks open an energy drink while turning their laptop on.

Why Do Some People Love To Study At Night? 

The debate over whether it's right to engage in Tafe online courses at night or during the day will likely rage on, but we thought we'd dive a little further into the subject. By reading on, you'll discover both benefits and decide which is right for you.

So, let's start with those early risers…

Daytime Studiers:

This type of learner wakes up ready to go (after a strong cup of coffee, of course!) and is eager to get their teeth into their short online course. The great thing about the morning is that you awake with a fresh mind that typically comes with a new day, and you can perform at your full potential. 

Ideally, you’ll have had a good night’s sleep, and you'll have the right motivation and a good, positive mindset. You’re aided by natural light (which aligns with your circadian rhythm, a.k.a, your body clock) rather than artificial light sources, making it easier to focus. You can study anywhere too, in the park, cafe or wherever you fancy.

The Evening Studier Is Then For Relaxation: 

By getting your studies done in the first half of the day, you can put your feet up and watch that final episode of your favourite show with no worries or distractions. That means it won't be playing on your mind, freeing you from worry and allowing you to relax fully.

And now, let's look at the nighttime learners… 

Night Owl Studiers: 

The antithesis of the daytime learner is the person who likes to leave their studies to nighttime hours, sometimes carrying on into the early hours of the next day.

“Why can't I study during the day, but at night I can?  

When everyone is tucked up in bed, focusing and relaxing is usually easier when studying short courses online. You don't need to think about what to cook for dinner, getting to that dentist appointment or if you remembered to pick the kids up from school.

Social media is typically quieter at night, so there's less to distract you from what you need to do. With everything being much calmer than during the day, the nighttime study can be much more focused, and once you've completed your allotted work, you can reward yourself with a well-deserved sleep.

The Daytime Is Then Free:

Putting time aside at night for your short courses  frees up the day to get everything you need to complete. You may have no choice but to study at night, as you work 9-5, or just need to finish those day-to-day chores. With all of this done and dusted, the peace of mind gives you a clear mind ready to learn.

Nighttime vs Daytime Study? Do What Suits You Best:

The fact of the matter is that while both daytime and nighttime study have their benefits, there is no right or wrong answer to the question of when is best. If you're an early riser, you'll likely be much better suited to daytime learning and get much more done.

Conversely, if you’re a night owl, the later hours of the day are better for studying, so it’s about doing what suits you best personally. For information about effective studying, why not take a look at the Study Australia website, which offers lots of helpful guidance?

Study Effectively With OCA Short Courses Online Today!

At OCA, our CPD Endorsed, video-based short courses make learning easy. Their modular nature offers a third option to the nighttime vs daytime study debate - spreading your study across your day. Delivered in bite-sized modules that can be viewed through any digital device, you can get your studying in when you have spare moments. 

Forget what you know about boring, formalised, text-based learning, as this is something else entirely - see for yourself by watching our student study demo. To see our entire course library that covers more than 20 different industries, visit us online at where you'll find our full flexible payment options and details of how all courses come with 1-to-1 mentoring. 

Alternatively, to speak to our team about your training needs, call us at 1300 611 404 or at [email protected]. Upon receipt of your enquiry, a team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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