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Waking up to the sound of your alarm clock is hard; knowing you have to get up and study is even harder! How dare you try to leave the soft, fluffy cocoon of warmth that you spent all night creating! As you build the strength to part ways from your bed, the fact that you have to study becomes real, but so does the fact that the Bold and the Beautiful re-run is on in 5 minutes. So, how do you pull yourself away from the TV and towards your laptop?

 These tips will help you organise your home studies much more effectively.

Tip 1: Treat Study Day Like A Day At Work

It's easy to roll over, grab your laptop and begin working from the comfort of your bed. But, when you do this, how long is it until you actually start your studying? A quick Facebook check turns into an hour of procrastination, and next thing you know, you've commented on John's event post and pulled the covers over your head again.

By getting up and getting ready for the day, you put yourself in that mind frame where you know that you have serious work to do. Simple things like dressing like you're off to work or having a refreshing shower can alert your senses in a way that will make you work more efficiently.

Regular Study breaks are essential; restricting interaction with your technology & social media will also set a fresh and focused headspace. Limiting distractions and treating the day as 'work' will be able understand the importance of getting that work done.

Tip 2: Have A Study Game Plan

Being disciplined and setting aside time to study is difficult when the clock is your oyster! Often people struggle to complete an online study due to distractions and excuses with no one forcing them to do their readings, assessments or quizzes. You need to hold yourself accountable.

Your body and mind rely on routine to function correctly. Having a daily structure lets you get your head in the game and follow that game plan. Things like to-do lists and weekly schedules can all help you study effectively so that you're able you're when your brain is the most alert and efficient. By determining which time of the day your mind is focused, you can get more done and use your brain to its full potential. A study plan also eliminates any confusion you may feel, giving you a sense of direction and organisation towards your end study goal.

Tip 3: Creating A Learning Environment

An office space that separates your day-to-day from your learning screams focus. By separating your study and home life, you'll be able to focus and get more done. Having a specific area in the house where you can study will make sure that you're free from distractions and put in the right headspace. Simple things like getting rid of clutter and tidying up can also tidy your mind. Not only will you feel motivated, but you'll be surprised at how much work you'll get done! With online education courses, you really can study from anywhere, anytime and up-skill. This gives populations many more opportunities to work from home.

We hope that with these essential tips, you will not only be able to study efficiently but also find your study groove! The key is finding what works best for you, so studying at home can be more efficient than at the office IF you apply yourself. Online courses really are game changers in the industry.

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