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Are you thinking of studying to become a personal trainer? If so, then you’re perhaps about to join an industry that’s been growing for a number of years. Typically employed either by individuals or organisations to help them reach their fitness goals, becoming a certified personal trainer can earn you as much as $70k per year - or even more if you’re running your own fitness business.

  • As a personal training pro, you’ll be responsible for the following:
  • Assessment of client fitness levels & recommending the relevant personal training sessions
  • Monitoring client progress as they move through their workout program
  • Development of weight loss programs in line with client goals
  • Creating cardio workout plans (or home workout schedules) for clients to follow
  • Creation of individualised exercise programs
  • Demonstrating exercise reps & explaining proper form
  • Putting on individual & group training sessions

Online fitness coaching is all the rage, too, with many customers preferring it to options available with their gym membership. All are carried out via video call software like Skype; clients get all the same benefits of an in-person trainer in real time. Online coaching is just another option for you to consider offering to your clients.

What’s the Best Way to Train to Become a Good Personal Trainer?

Guiding people along their fitness journey can also be incredibly rewarding - hence the reason why careers in the fitness industry are so popular. The question is, what’s the best way to train for this kind of role - in-person training or online fitness courses?

Spoiler alert, a personal training course online is far more cost-effective and convenient than face-to-face learning - something we explore in a little more detail now.

Learning Convenience & Flexibility

The first thing to say about an OCA personal training course online is that it’s super convenient and flexible. Online fitness coaching allows you to get the skills and knowledge you need on your terms - wherever and whenever you’re ready.

In the modern world, everyone has a busy schedule, and this modular, video-based training can be consumed in bite-sized chunks. Got a spare 10 minutes? Take a module. On the way home from work on the bus? Take a module. You get to learn at your own pace, in your own time.

In addition to being much cheaper than regular in-person training, an personal training course also spares you the expense of travelling to a training venue - allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own home.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

While some might view online fitness and wellness training as being somehow less comprehensive and credible than face-to-face options, the truth is very different. With OCA, for example, our course content is created in collaboration with top experts and influencers from the industry.

Offering in-depth coverage of everything you need to be a fitness professional, along with specialised modules that are tailored to specific fitness trainer niches, it’s training that continues to offer value throughout your career or personal training business journey.

An Interactive Learning Experience

When you engage with an online training program like our Personal Training Micro-Credentials, you get access to a whole host of interactive learning resources. Not only do you get highly stimulating video content with a personal training course online and an AI-driven platform that encourages further learning, but also virtual simulations for great hands-on learning.

You also get regular check-ins in the form of periodic assessments, as well as the ability to get involved on our discussion boards for a truly collaborative learning experience.

Individualized Attention and Support

If you think that you don’t get the same support with a personal training course online, think again, as the guidance and advice you’ll get are second to none. Every OCA student gets support from their own one-to-one expert mentor who’s there for real-time guidance and feedback whenever they need it.

As such, if you ever get stuck on any element of your training, you get the benefit of their extensive wisdom and experience. Any questions or specific concerns can be addressed in good time. You only have to check out a couple of our testimonials to see that it really adds to the experience.

Industry-Recognized Certification

Taking a personal training course online with OCA also makes your CV shine. That’s because our learning is industry-recognised and gives you CPD points for every hour completed. Furthermore, you get micro-credentials that you can put on your CV to either impress hiring managers or prospective clients.

You get the reassurance too, that what you’re learning is super-relevant, as advancements in technology and industry are reflected in the course content.

Start Your Fitness Career With an OCA Personal Training Course Online

If you’re looking to start a career in the fitness industry, there’s no better way to learn than with an online OCA CPD-endorsed personal training course. Convenient, affordable, and packed with useful content, you get the training you need on your terms. Regardless of whether you want to work at your local gym or become an online personal trainer, we’ve got the training for you.

If you’d like to get a good feel for what life is like on our online personal training courses, watch our Student Study Demo, which shows you everything you need to know. Alternatively, to see our full course library that covers more than 20+ industries, visit us today at, where you’ll also see our flexible payment options.

What’s more, at Online Courses Australia, we now have our very own jobs portal called Careers by Online Courses Australia. Sign up for free job alerts, Air CV, direct links to local and national employers, and much more besides! Like to speak to us directly, just call 1300 611 404 or email

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