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Any professional looking to develop themselves at the start of their career journey or as part of a career change should seriously consider short courses online. Why? Well, that’s because online learning offers a wide array of benefits to the learner. If you’ve not yet used this valuable resource, you’re missing out!

Is It Worth Investing Money In Online Courses?

Absolutely, yes! You’ve only got to research recruitment online and you’ll see that employers now view remote learning as something of an advantage, as it demonstrates an ability to work unsupervised and an aptitude for using computer systems. Believe it or not, not everyone has that.

What Keeps People Interested In Online Courses?

You might not be aware, but online training has moved on a lot in recent years and video-based courses are extremely captivating - something that actively works to instill a love for learning new things. That’s why the right online courses have no problem retaining student interest.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at five major benefits of taking professional short courses online to boost your skills & knowledge…

● Benefit #1 - Short Courses Are Ultra Convenient

The first big advantage of online learning is the convenience it offers. Whatever industry your career counselling has pointed you towards, knowledge can be gained whenever and wherever you want via your smartphone. You can even learn on the bus to work!

● Benefit #2 - Short Courses Boost Your Employability

When you engage in online courses that are CPD (Continuous Personal Development) approved, they make you even more employable. Having CPD points under your belt shows that you’re a serious professional with designs on progressing in whatever you do.

● Benefit #3 - Short Courses Teach Self Discipline

While video-based online course content is typically spoon fed to you, you’re still in charge of when and where you learn. Successfully completing short courses online teaches you self-discipline and the ability to self-motivate - both important skills to have as a professional.

● Benefit #4 - Short Courses Provide Great Support

Despite what you might think, you’re not on your own when you engage in online learning. In fact, the best online course providers provide 24/7 support either by email or live chat. Great peace of mind indeed, knowing that if you get stuck, easy-to-access help is on offer.

● Benefit #5 - Short Courses Demonstrate Time Management Skills

Again when talking about employability, there’s not many more important skills than time management. If you’re a mature student, for example, managing your life and independent learning takes good time management - meaning you can even put it on your resume!

Enjoy The Professional Benefits Of Online Learning With OCA

There’s an awful lot positive to be said about online short courses, as they’re not only convenient, flexible, affordable, but they also make you more employable and better at time management. So, if you’re looking for engaging CPD-endorsed learning, look no further than OCA.

Our courses are created in conjunction with top industry experts and cover more than 20 different industries and sectors. To find out more about this, simply visit us today at where you’ll also see details of our easy payment plans that allow you to spread the cost.

If, however, you’d prefer to speak to us directly before you enrol, no problem! Just call us today on 1300 611 404 and we’ll do our level best to find you the ideal training for your needs.

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