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Out of all the interpersonal skills a person has, time management can have the most impact on the success that's enjoyed. While it might seem simple to master from the outside, it's only when you've got a heavy workload and a set amount of time for it that you realise the challenge.

Why is time management critical?  

The thing is, people who have good time management skills tend to be organised, meaning that not only do they complete work on time, but they also offer higher quality.

That's because they’re rarely rushing to meet a deadline. Instead, they're working calmly and methodically. It's the ability that gets you noticed when looking for recruitment online. 

What sensible methods exist for tracking time?  

Now that we live in the age of smartphones, nothing is stopping you from getting a helping hand with your time tracking. Apps like Clockify and Desktime are available for both iOs and Androids and put control firmly in your hand. What's more, they're free!

So, without further ado, let's get into the good stuff: How to be someone with good time management skills. If you've got your pen and notebook ready, we'll begin.

In the Words of Julie Morgenstern…

Julie Morgenstern (a leading time-management expert) argues that we must view our life as limited space, much like a closet, where not everything will fit in. Getting intentional about what works for you and implementing it in your daily life is important.

As short courses online  on the subject also confirm, as people, we often feel like we want to do everything at once, but realistically, this will lead to stress, overload, and potentially burnout. 

Morgenstern's top tips for productivity include:

  • Become a better time estimator - Work out how long a piece of work will take and begin to quantify tasks to form a timeline. This is also a good project management skill to have.
  • Become a time mapper - Create a time map for your week that includes what you need to achieve and by when. Essentially, this is an outlook calendar for your wall!
  • Create a structure that works for you - Thursday may be date-night, and Saturday may be grocery day! Do what works for you.
  • Form a routine to create an excellent work-life balance - Add your socials and hobbies to your calendar and keep them as regularly as possible. 

Morgenstern also uses the '4D' formula; Delete, Delay, Diminish, and Delegate. 

  • Delete: screen work for duplicates. Be conscious about what work comes in. If it isn't worth the time, don't do it.
  • Delay: prioritise other urgent tasks first. Filter what is not urgent or necessary and then focus on what is essential and critical. Some things don't have to be done right now.
  • Diminish: can you reduce the workload? Does it need a full day when just an hour's conference call would do?
  • Delegate: is there someone else that can do the job too? 

Avoiding Procrastination

Another factor that can scupper success in your work life or progress in tafe online courses  you might be taking is procrastination - avoiding a challenging task in favour of something else. It's why it's common for university students to have immaculate rooms during their finals, as they have chosen to clean rather than study.

Boost Your Interpersonal Skills  With OCA Short Courses

The importance of time management can't be understated, as it underpins everything a good professional does. Don't worry if yours is not up to scratch right now, as there's available, and it's one of those interpersonal skills  that can be worked on.

It’s never been easier to work on your hard and soft skills, thanks to video-based CPD-endorsed training from OCA. Our learning comes with 1-to-1 tutor support 7 days a week and is delivered in easily digestible video modules that make it easy to fit around your day.

We offer an immersive and mentally stimulating learning experience, something you can get a better feel of by watching our student study demo. Alternatively, to see the entire course library that covers over 20 professional industries visit us online today at

If you'd prefer to speak to us directly about your needs, contact us at [email protected] or call our friendly team on 1300 611 404.

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