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Have you ever wondered why some people seem very calculated and meticulous while others appear impulsive and decisive? Well, everyone's interpersonal skills are unique to them, so you will have some who are strong and others who aren't. The individual personality is also something that affects how effective any given person is, including in their ability to make effective decisions.

Why Is Decision-Making So Important In An Organisation? 

For any business to operate efficiently, important decisions need to be made on a regular basis. They need to be made well and informed, so any professional should look to develop this skill set as part of their personal development. That said, everyone has a different starting point, with research telling us that there are four main types of personality.

There are:

  1. Analysers
  2. Drivers
  3. Promoters
  4. Supporters 

Of course, there are some overlaps with everyone, so each person will have a personality that includes varying different percentages of all four. These elements define who you are, dictating how you behave, act, learn, act, think and socialise in the workplace. Your personality will dictate the sort of recruitment online you look for, so it's not a peripheral matter.

What Are The Types Of Decision-Makers Likely To Do In Practice?

When it comes to making decisions, supporters are cautious and like to review things before committing, whereas promoters are more enthusiastic and ready to jump on board, regardless of how challenging a task is or the commitment required, those of you who are Promoters like to dive in headfirst.

On the other hand, the supporters among you are likely to research and discover what others have said before making a decision. Analysers are somewhat similar to supporters but are even more studious and calculated in their approach.

Finally, there are Drivers who like to take things on board regardless of the challenge they present. Drivers enjoy being first, getting in early, and doing things sooner rather than later. Essentially, they love being in control. To illustrate, let's create a scenario where a decision needs to be made about which short courses online  to take…

Supporters Like To See What's Been Written & Said Before 

Supporters are likely to start by finding course reviews, information on tutors, and success stories. They'll read up on what they can and make their decision based on others' experiences – the same way some people like to read film reviews before deciding whether or not to see a movie.

Supporters are realists who know that you shouldn't try to deal with more than you can handle but also find it hard to say no when someone needs a helping hand.

Diving Headlong Into Things Is Just How Promoters Like It

Promoters are likely to be the ones actually writing the course reviews that the supporters read. They're the ones who are motivated to try new things because they seem fun and exciting, and then tell others about their experiences, good and bad.

Promoters also need to ensure that if the excitement of taking new short courses online  begins to fade, they are dedicated and committed enough to sacrifice their social life and channel their energy towards study. To them, the course content is secondary to the achievement of completing it.

Analysers Love To Research

Like supporters, analysers will take into account other people's views but will also research all of the empirical evidence they can find. They'll take the time to go and discover a course's completion rate, how much time needs to be devoted to completing it and try and predict any unforeseen obstacles. 

Because of their disciplined, systematic nature, analysers often do well when taking short courses online  as there's no one more thorough in their approach. 

Drivers Are Determined To Be First In

Drivers often prioritise the outcome of completing the course over the actual requirements of doing so. They don't necessarily think everything through first; being impulsive means, they can sometimes bite off more than they can chew. 

This means that drivers should perhaps pay careful consideration (for a change!) to the requirements of undertaking online study. Not that it means that they should be deterred, but simply that they should step back, take a deep breath, and think about how they should best tackle the course requirements.

Each personality type has its own set of corresponding traits that help define what kind of a person you are when it comes to things like studying, motivation, planning, and communication.

Do you know which category you fall into? If you're unsure, you can take one of the many free personality tests available online.

Enhance Your Interpersonal Skills With OCA Today!

The great news when talking about interpersonal skills  like decision-making, they can be worked on! The easiest way to do that is through CPD Endorsed video-based short online courses that make learning new skills a cinch. Modular and incredibly stimulating, we offer a flexible, next-level learning experience - something you can get a feel for by watching our student study demo.

Every course in the OCA library (one that covers 20+ industries) comes with 1 to 1 mentoring support and can even be paid for in manageable instalments. To find out more about this or anything else, visit us today at, where you'll discover everything you need to know. 

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