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Whether you’re a current student, graduate or well-established executive, harnessing the power of LinkedIn can assist in opening up doors to opportunities and networks like never before. Prior to LinkedIn, the process of connecting directly to potential hiring managers, bosses or even other individuals who share similar job titles and work experience was virtually impossible. 

Now, with the power of LinkedIn, the employment world is easier to connect with. With a simple click of a few buttons, not only can you create your own marketing profile, but also you can network with others and expand your prospect career horizons. Unlike other social networking platforms, which promote a high following, LinkedIn harnesses a selective connection with people and organisations in your consumer market.

Firstly, why is LinkedIn so important for your career?

Think about LinkedIn like this..You know the cool kids at school whose group you wanted to be a part of? Well, imagine they were recruiting new ‘cool kids’ to join their group on the oval during lunch time. LinkedIn is the oval and the cool kids are those HR managers and recruiters. With over 400 million users in 2015 and 2 new members per second, Linkedin has grown to become one of the most important tools on a professional networking level, so it’s no wonder why everybody is rushing to the oval to see what’s happening.

The importance of LinkedIn allows you to showcase your skills to the correct people who can help you grow and develop your career. With a huge 96% of recruiters searching for candidates on Linkedin, it’s evident that this social media site is an incredibly popular resource. More interesting statistics from a social media recruiting survey undertaken by Jobvite are below:

  • 94% of recruiters contact candidates
  • 92% of recruiters keep tabs on potential candidates
  • 91% of recruiters post job adverts on Linkedin

The Google/LinkedIn Relationship

 Another reason why LinkedIn is so important is because of the great relationship that it has with GoogleHave you ever been bored and decided to Google your name? If you haven't, do it now and see what comes up. If you didn't come up on the first page and results were poor, it's probably because your LinkedIn profile is incomplete or outdated. With over 1 billion names being Googled each day, 94% of people usually don't look past the first page, so that's why it's important that you get your name on there! LinkedIn ranks higher than any other social networks and website builders in a Google search, so if you want to stand out, build that LinkedIn profile up!

So, how do you improve your Linkedin profile for your career in 2016

There are some basic tips that can help you use Linkedin to it’s full potential so you’re ready to find that dream job in 2016. These include:

Nailing The Profile Elements

Profile Picture
The first thing a potential recruiter sees on your LinkedIn profile is your photo. By having a display profile picture, Linkedin says that you’re 7x more likely to be found in searches. Make sure your photo is relevant to your job and shows a level of professionalism. Up to date photos make you identifiable and show that you care about your public image.

Job Experience
Did you know that your profile is 12x more likely to be found if you have your 2 most recent positions included? By having your professional experience up to date with relevant jobs, recruiters can see what you have been doing and what you’re good at. It allows them to make a solid judgement about your professional experience which can lead them to sending you a message regarding a potential job opportunity.

Boost Your Profile
Where you can fill out information about yourself, do it. You can easily build your profile strength from intermediate to all star by doing the following:

  1. Adding a profile photo
  2. Having more than 50 connections
  3. Listing a minimum of two roles you’ve had, including their descriptions
  4. Including all your skills along with interests, education, awards, and languages
  5. Writing an up-to-date summary and include your industry and postcode

Keeping It Up To Date

Keep the information on your profile relevant, and check in monthly at least to do a bit of a tidy up. If you have formal written references, it’s a good idea to have the PDF version uploaded in the documents section of the site. This will give potential employers access to these therefore shaping their opinion of you as a professional.

Follow The LinkedIn Etiquette

Just because you’re connected with someone does not give you permission to start sending frequent sales based emails. Avoid being a spammer because nobody likes that! Instead, spend your time by interacting with people, supporting their content and causes. You may even choose to endorse their skills if you’ve worked with them previously. After that, you can then think about launching into the sales stuff.

So there you have it - a guide to nailing LinkedIn for that dream job in 2016. By working on your personal profile, not only will recruiters be able to find you, but you'll be able to create a great public image that can help you find opportunities to progress professionally. Check out a few more hot tips below so that you're ready to take on LinkedIn like a pro!

Final Hot Tips!

  • Create entries for every role you have performed within each job title so recruiters can see your skills
  • Share high-quality information with your network to create connections that become alliances
  • Nail that headline! This is the first thing viewers will read.
  • Keep on top of adding new connections – when you meet someone at a meeting, or work conference don’t be shy to send them a request and a message
  • Don’t have unnecessary experience listed on your page unless it is connected with your current or future career. 

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