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So, What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the original social media platforms launched in 2002 and is currently used worldwide by ¾ billion professionals. It represents a great place to network and makes business contacts, but did you know that by training on a digital marketing course, you could leverage its incredible marketing power to reach new clients?

One crucial way to broadcast your value to the world on the platform is by having a killer profile. Rather than being a filler page, your profile says a lot about you as a professional and is the first thing that people making contact will see - so it needs to be spot on. 

So, before we get into how easy and affordable it is to gain expert knowledge of LinkedIn marketing via a digital marketing course, we’re first going to give you a few tips on profile optimisation. By reading to the end, you’ll better understand what you need to do to make yourself look fabulous! Also, LinkedIn is an excellent place for business training and courses in Australia.

LinkedIn-Provide As Much Information As You Can  

Look around LinkedIn for even a few minutes, and you’ll see that most profiles aren't correctly filled out, with gaps showing in important places. The truth is around half of the hundreds of millions of LinkedIn bios are incomplete, which just doesn’t look good.

We're Talking About Things Like:

  • A recent professional-looking photograph
  • Your location, industry & current position
  • Your educational background
  • Any organizations you’re part of
  • Professional training you’ve taken

You can improve your chances of meaningful contact by up to 40x with a complete profile, so it pays to pack it with as much useful information as you can - without going overboard, obviously.

Personalise Your LinkedIn Profile

As you’ll learn in any good social media marketing online course, it’s also important to add things like personal interests, volunteering experience and everything else you feel is relevant. It just gives people a more rounded, three-dimensional view of who you are. 

Some people make their LinkedIn profiles a little too formal, and it can give off an unapproachable air. However, when you add more about your passions away from work, your perspective on the world and your personality, that essential human element is provided, and contact is much more likely.

Activate Your LinkedIn Profile

Every bit as important as completing your profile is activating it, and by that, we mean showing LinkedIn that you’re an active user. A social media course will teach you a valuable lesson about LinkedIn, in that, like every other platform, it uses an algorithm to connect people together. And regularly active profiles will be given more weight than those that don’t.

Being active is easy enough, as all you need to do is send regular connection invitations to people, post helpful status updates and do things like joining in with group discussions. Downloading their new app, it’s something you can do anywhere and at any time! 

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Skills With OCA!

We’ve shown you here a very small piece of a much larger approach that allows you to use LinkedIn to boost your professional career. The good news is that you can gain an understanding of a much more comprehensive range of techniques by training online with a digital marketing course from OCA.

For instance, our Linkedin Marketing Advanced Course provides 9 fascinating modules that give you a firm grounding on using the platform to market yourself and your business. What’s more, like all of our video-based training, it’s CPD-approved, created in conjunction with industry experts and able to be paid for with our range of flexible payment options. You can even upload your digital badges recieved by studying OCA's Micro-Credentials via CREDLY

So, if you’d like to know more about anything discussed here or to see our entire range of mentally stimulating online courses, visit us online at today. Alternatively, give our team a call on 1300 611 404, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in any way we can. You can also check us out on YouTube.

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