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When it comes to developing your professional knowledge and interpersonal skills, there is perhaps no more flexible or easily accessible way than with short courses  online. Convenient, affordable and able to be taken at your own pace, they have much to offer - but how do hirers view them?

What Do Employers Think Of Online Course Micro-Credentials?

Even before Covid-19 came along, the flexible nature of remote online studying led to an increase in its popularity in the professional sphere. However, the pandemic has certainly accelerated things to a point where employers are actually seeing them as more favourable than traditional learning methods.

Are Companies Beginning To Accept Online Courses?

Well, yes, and it doesn’t just apply to online courses, either. Well-established universities and other teaching establishments have all been looking into new ways of delivering remote learning tafe courses due to Covid-19 and beyond. What we’re talking about is mainstream stuff, not a niche alternative at all.

Simply put, you’re not likely to have an interviewer see your online learning as a negative - far from it. In truth, there’s a greater chance that applicants who engage in online learning are actually viewed more favourably. But why is that?

What Online Learning Says About You

When considering short courses  online as opposed to traditional learning, you have to look at what the practice actually says about you as an individual. Look more closely; you’ll soon see that online studying successfully takes a certain type of person.

For example, taking an online course shows that you have the following:

  • An ability to work independently without supervision
  • Knowledge of how to use technology & online platforms
  • The capability to motivate yourself and arrange your own learning path
  • A certain level of initiative and an ability to overcome problems on your own

Being conversant with digital platforms is extremely important to employers, as you’ll struggle to find too many workplaces where it doesn’t apply. This is a paradigm that’s only going to become more prevalent as time moves on and remote learning is embraced more fully. 

Make Yourself More Employable With OCA Short Courses 

Therefore, it is pretty evident that short courses and online learning, in general, are viewed very favourably by employers across Australia. What’s more, when you engage in online learning with OCA, our courses are CPD-approved too, which makes you even more employable in the view of hirers.

Not only that but our training is created with the help of top industry experts and delivered entirely online. Featuring easily-digestible video modules, they’re super easy to fit around your current obligations and offer an immersive and mentally-stimulating learning experience.

To learn more about this or anything relating to our courses that cover more than 20 different industries, simply visit us today at There, you'll also find a selection of easy payment options that make your learning even more affordable than it already is.

Alternatively, to contact us directly about your professional training needs or anything else, we’ll be more than happy to give you the advice you require. Just give us a call at 1300 611 404, and we'll do our utmost to assist. 

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